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2016 Preseason DI MLax Poll

Inside Lacrosse preseason poll:

Time to skip winter and think Spring Wink  Raiders round out the top 20...and we know where that got ice hockey this year!  Loyola at #12 with a 7-8 record last year...

Season right around the corner and have lost some amazing talent lately (notably Walsh and Clarkson, Braddish, Kinnealey).  If we can get an impact freshman like Abbadessa every year - our lacrosse version of Jamaal Branch/Nate Eachus/Jordan Scott - that would be great.

Lax seems to be a sport that gets more competitive every year in the PL.  Hope we continue to recruit successfully and maintain some dominance instead of being a one-and-done championship team that falls from the ranks.

Recruits Link.  Not sure if I should have posted this here or on the Recruits Forum (is that just for football?)  As of today, Colgate has 16 listed.  Assume the ID column means player rank?  Not sure.`College`&sort_order=asc&q=order+by+%60ID%60+asc

Tried to create a multiple choice poll for 2016 PL Champion with this post, but couldn't preview it and didn't want to submit it with a mistake.

You can post about recruits from any sport in the recruiting forum. No issue posting it here though.

You can always edit or delete if the poll doesn't turn out how you thought.

Thanks for posting go'gate. I'm still caught up with hockey ( despite the lousy season so far) but will be thinking about LAX soon. Seems amazing that Brown has risen so high - almost switched positions with Cornell. Just shows how quickly teams can rise and fall in the college LAX world. Hopefully our #20 ranking gives us the David vs Goliath syndrome   Wink

FYI...if you click the column headline 'college' it will alphabetize all schools.  Colgate is near page 23 or so.

Re: 2016 Preseason DI MLax Poll

go'gate wrote:
Inside Lacrosse preseason poll:

Time to skip winter and think Spring Wink  Raiders round out the top 20

And after just one week, we're nowhere to be found.  We're better off under the radar, but would be nice for the PL Champs to be recognized.  We suffered some tough losses, though...feels a bit like a rebuilding year; we'll know soon enough.

Hoping for more mild weather in Hamilton this winter!
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