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2017 - 2018 Schedules

Updated schedules loaded on the website:

Confirmed week 0 matchup with Cal Poly Aug 27th.  Tough 2018 non conference as we travel to UNH, Furman, Bill & Mary on consecutive weeks, then close out the year at Army

Nice to see an 11th game in '17 & Cal Poly is a great fit.  Hate that '18 road trip, both competitively & from a fan enjoyment perspective... best weeks of the Fall all on the road against good teams at tough places to get to for a NYC area fan.  Hope we weather that stretch, but there are no cupcakes in '17 either... should be fun!

Terrific schedules! The 4 games after PL and Cornell each year include an FBS team and 3 strong FCS teams, most also good academic schools. Vickie takes the effort to obtain these schedules when Roach didn't.

In 28 past years living in the south there were 6 scheduled Colgate games in Dixie. In 2018 there are 2 in back-to-back weeks!

From 1970-80, we played 7 Dixie games.  U of VA, Wm and Mary three times, VMI, the Citadel, and Davidson. Then, well no need to digress.

Speaking of next yr,any idea on who your QB will ne.

RichH wrote:
Speaking of next yr,any idea on who your QB will ne.

If I had to guess, Attwood... was listed as the backup all last year, got into 2 games.  I saw him at Syracuse, lefty who can run & has a stronger arm than Melville.  No experience of course and maybe somebody beats him out, but he was highly regarded as a recruit & as a junior hopefully he's mature enough to step in at a pretty high level.  Fingers crossed...

That's the question mark next untested, unseasoned QB who try to carry Colgate at legendary West Point for the first time in decades!  Run, Forrest, Run!
Raider Archivist

ESPNU "week zero" audience @ Cal Poly is Huuge

Being one of just five games on the national landscape during that first football weekend on Sunday August 27 is special in many ways. It starts with playing on the West Coast on a football-deprived summer afternoon.  The ESPNU national television coverage of this game @ Cal Poly transforms a season opener into an opportunity to share the Colgate story with a broad attentive community.

Coach Hunt: "The chance to play in what they call Week Zero, when we'll be the only game in the country that day and on national television, it's a great opportunity to expose our brand and our program...."

The win will add to our uplifted spirits on this special afternoon..

Capitalizing on opportunities to differentiate Colgate makes a ton of strategic sense.

Kudos to Vicki, Coach Hunt, the Program and the current and prospective Colgate communities from coast to coast and around the world.

Go Gate

The 2018 schedule has been rejiggered a bit... and I like it!  Originally we opened w/ Holy Cross at home and then played 5 straight on the road before home games  10/13 vs Cornell, 10/27 vs Gtown & Nov 10 versus Lafayette.  In the revision we've moved William & Mary back a week to Sept 29, Moved the Laffy home game up to Sept 22, and slid Lehigh back to Nov 10... our last league game before closing at Army.

Looks to me like a great few moves.  It breaks up the 5 week roadtrip and keeps all our home games in September and October (Gate Raider, if you're still out there I know you appreciate that!).  Still only 4 home games, but I think all the moves look like improvements.  

Here's the revised future schedules page...

This years home schedule is great, but our toughest in years. Non conference Cal Poly(NCAA tourney last year) Buffalo(D1) are real tests away also.
Richmond and Furman home in Sept., don't want to rush summer away but I can't wait. Hope we find a good QB or we're in trouble.
You golfin in H A Milton this summer 83 ?

One of my pals is a Richmond guy who talks to their coach pretty frequently.  He asked the coach if there was any chance Richmond could lose to Colgate... coach said "Nope."

Bring it on!  Should be fun.  And yes Zap, was up at the Oaks last weekend and will be back for the 4th next week.  If you're around let me know!

As a donor to the Dunlap stands I just received my ticket order form. It's great to see in print again those 5 home games. I like the schedule overall and the way they games are distributed home and away.

Won't be long now!!!!

Go 'gate!

When does practice start, guessing around Aug 1 ?

Yes I think Aug 1 is the opening of practice.  It will be interesting to see how many recruits show up at Gates camp in late July. Forum Index -> Football
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