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2017 USNWR Ranking

Number 12 sure sounds a lot better than 22 or whatever we were last time out but we are tied with a number of schools that had been ahead of us before. This seems much more even handed. What I find amazing is that we are ranked #10 for reputation with college placement advisors, a level we have NEVER been close to that I can recall and I have been reading these ratings for a lot of years. Nice surprise for Pres Casey and something to build on...

Happy to see this.   Very Happy

As petty as this sounds, rankings like this have always mattered to me.  It would be naive to think that these publications do not impact students' college choices.

The number of schools ranked 12th is ridiculous.  It seems a way to appease all of these schools by lumping them together because no one institution is satisfied.  It almost feels insulting yet it benefits Colgate, so I will complain no further.  This is where we should have been all along IMHO.  Despite the D-I athletics, I feel the culture at Colgate has changed to a more NESCAC-esque climate.  Sit-ins, diversity, and environmental awareness must appeal to counselors and pundits who put this stuff together.

Our applications have not necessarily increased as much as others, however, and that is unfortunate.  Perhaps we will see if that changes with our new ranking Wink Forum Index -> General Colgate News
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