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A Distinct Thread for MBB

It's easier to keep a distinct chronologies of MBB  and WBB. Seasons tend to have their own stories/momentum, in addition to the vagaries one of one game to the next.

Nice win for the guys tonight.  Down at the half, came back... going to be bumpy, but this is an interesting young team!
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You can say that again 'gate83.  I thought all was lost at the half.  Nothing was going Colgate's way.  Freshmen playing and doing okay.  This could be an interesting year.  The team will only get better.  Congrats to them for not giving up and finding a way to pull out the win.  BTW Lafayette looked pretty good.

I tried to keep the faith as LaF's lead grew. Our young guys...and they are young...just seemed to keep plugging along being positive, hustling, etc...and it paid off. There are definitely some bright spots on this team and they are fun to watch. Go 'gate!

Happy New Year
Lafayette (3-9) did 'Gate a favor with their penalties, but maybe it's more of a testament to our hustle.  Any game is a story of 2 halves, periods, or quarters!  Krmpotich is lean and lanky but weasels his way in there.  Bright future for him. Forum Index -> Basketball
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