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Gate Raider

Army Game

Different Colgate team out there tonight.  Things clicked inside, outside,  rebounds and everyone contributed.  Nice win.  Beat Bucky.

Yes, very impressive win over an Army team that was averaging over 80 points a game. Our D forced 20 turnovers or so. One can see the development of the team learning Langel's system as well as the improvement (and potential) of guys like Rivard, Batt, O'Brien. etc. Army was a physical team (as was Navy) yet our guys played them equally tough. It's a pleasure to watch this team. Kudos to the players and coaches. Go 'gate and by the way, students are back on campus for the home game vs BU so I look for a big, supportive crowd.

Not so lucky tonight down at West Point. We were behind by about 5-6 pts with maybe 7-8 minutes to go but couldn't hold it together down the stretch. Ferguson, the Army center, was pretty much unstoppable. Team needs to put this split behind them and get after it the last three games at home.

Injury killing us

Hard to win without Malcom.  We are getting whipped in the paint!  Team continues to play hard and are very well coached.

Hard to imagine that we need Malcolm, a freshman, to be at our best, but that certainly seems to be the case. Nevertheless, I'm remaining positive for the remainder of this season. Any team can win this league and  come playoff time even more so. Going forward from there, I hope our bigs hit the weights and the carbs.
Gate Raider

Correct.  We need more strength and weight under the basket  Inbounding the ball, while improved, continues to be a weak spot. Forum Index -> Basketball
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