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Assessing the 7 new Head Coaches approaching 5 Seasons

There have been 7 new Head Coaches installed over the past 4 going on 5 seasons.
They are ( in random order ):
1. Hunt FB
2. Murphy MLAX
3. Fargo WHOC
4. Finley SB
5. Langel MBB
6. Hayes-Fort WBB
7. Waeger M/W SWI&D

Each inherited programs with different legacies and momentum.
Too early to pass judgment on Andy Waeger.
Five of the remaining six seem to have added value and success to the programs they inherited. Imho, the jury is still out on Hayes-Fort, despite her massive PR effort. She gets some credit for preventing the program from sinking further. But, that gets "old" after awhile.

Your thoughts ?
Gate Raider

Don't have any issues with that group.  The question should be about coaches that have been there for some time and are not doing so great. Forum Index -> Whatever Else
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