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BU 71 - CU 68

Tough loss to the Terriers tonight.  Colgate just can't drive to the basket and they are weak under it on defense.  Too bad it comes on the night Tillotson had a career high of 28.  Beating Loyola on Sunday is now critical and Lehigh after that.  Get it done Raiders.

Front line needs major improvement.  Don't win often shooting under 37%.  Need more help from the bench and need a good big man at center.  Current front line is very young so
perhaps improvement down the road.

Front line needs Regisford back, there's no other reinforcements on the way.  Batt's OK as a backup, but clearly coach doesn't trust him to play big minutes... only got 13 last night as we were getting dominated inside.  Hopefully we can hold serve on our next two home games...

Again, this team is promising, yet Regisford seems to be the missing link?  If so, when is he expected to return AND if he does, will he be in game shape to produce? A break here, a break there, and we win last night. Time to move on and thank the guy upstairs for Tillotson. Forum Index -> Basketball
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