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Campus Insiders and Chromecast

I don't have a Smart TV, but I do have Chromecast. Can anyone tell me if I can use my Chromecast device to "cast" the Campus Insiders telecast from my iPad to my TV? Many thanks.  Go 'gate!

No, Campus Insiders and the Patriot League Network does not allow Chromecast. However, there are a number of other options aside from

Among the other options are Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and Xbox 360

Great win by Gate in whipping Bucknell again.  Best the team has looked IMO.
Gate Raider

I just connect my laptop to the TV using an HDMI cable.  Works great.

Hey GR I do that, too and it's fantastic...but I can't get sound through the tv, just my laptop.  Any ideas???

I've used Apple TV in the past but find the stream gets choppy, so gave up.  Will try the direct HDMI hookup... regarding sound, I use a Bose bluetooth speaker with my laptop that provides better audio than the TV anyway.  If you're willing to invest in one of those (about $100) it's a great workaround (and a great way to play tunes while at your desk).

Thx 4 the suggestion.  HDMI cable works great, but isn't there a way to have the image AND the sound come through the tv?  My HDMI cable will not do that.  Have wanted to play itunes from my laptop through my tv speakers as well.  C'mon you tech savvy people!
Gate Raider

When I connect with the HDMI both the sound and pic work.  You have to choose the source (HDMI 1 or HDMI 2, etc.) but, I suspect you know that already.  When connected you might try pushing the F5 key to see if that might work.  F5 toggles the video between the laptop and a monitor and perhaps a TV.  Not sure if that would work but it is worth a try.  You might just try increasing the volume, too.  Can't help beyond that, sorry.   I will add that you may need to increase the volume on both the laptop and TV.  The HDMI cable carries video and sound.  You might also check you sound settings on the TV to see what the options are.

Appreciate it GR, have tried most of those things but will keep plugging at it. Forum Index -> Basketball
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