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Centure for Art and Culture in downtown Hamilton

With the new announcements about breaking ground for the 3 new buildings on campus, what's the latest on the above? Did they pull the plug because the design was too controversial or some other reason?
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Per Message from BOT Chairman Oct 2016: an on campus site is being reviewed as an alternative to the original proposed site downtown.

"...The Board heard a presentation of the state of programs and facilities devoted to the arts at Colgate, expanding conversations that have taken place with the Board in prior meetings. We noted the extensive campus conversations that were held during the 2015-16 year regarding the location of the proposed Center for Art and Culture. We expressed support for the recommendation from the campus committee to consider one of several potential sites on campus to provide appropriate space for its programs, in lieu of the previously recommended location in downtown Hamilton.."

Thanks. I vaguely remember seeing/hearing something along these lines, but having heard nothing since, I'd forgotten. I thought the town location was intended to bring more public traffic to the gallery so both the town and college could  benefit equally. Siting it on campus is nice and I would imagine we could start using some of the lower lawn opposite fraternity row or back by the rugby field to do so, but I would imagine fewer non-Gate people would use it...

Think there was also a structural problem with the downtown site that was going to make the project much more expensive than originally planned.  Combine that with the the project's champion, ex-prez Herbst moving on and the decidedly mixed community reaction to the architectural vision & you had a dead project walking...

I hear you. The design was clearly less like the newer more traditional buildings that have been added to the campus in the last 15 years (which I love) and more like the old library and the Dodge, Eaton and Kendrick before their makeover which were all products of the architecturally challenged 50's and 60's...Only The Dana Arts Center remains from that era and I trust nobody ever tries to reconfigure's one of Paul Rudolph's best.

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