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Class of 1965 Arena interior layout

Today's shows the interior layout:

Go 'gate!

... as well as the Tighe P. Sullivan '83 Reception Suite season ticket details.

In case you haven't seen it there is a new article including a short interview video with Vicky on the status of the Class of 1965 arena.
The interior shots the video shows are impressive.

Go 'gate!

The NAF website seems not to be working. Does anyone know if it has been taken down? Is there anywhere that one can see interior and exterior pictures of the facility and what progress is being made?

The exterior cam works more regularly and is currently ok from my computer; the interior cam is off more than it is on and is currently n/a from what I can tell.  Would be nice if they could get one of Colgate's drones to do a fly-by inside and out and post a video or two!  Do I have to think of everything?!

The link about the Class of 1965 shows under the article about its progress at the athletics website. But only the exterior webcam
delivers as the interior webcam has not been loading for 3 days.
I don't know why but earlier today asked John Painter.
BTW, the twitter feed shows that sections are being equipped with seat backed places. And then there was last Friday's tour with WSYR
and a walkabout with Vicky, assuming you are a twitter user.

This is the link to the exterior (working) webcam.

Go 'gate!

I know that this is small consolation. The interior webcam is still not up despite some polite reminders. But if you use twitter re Colgate athletics you will see that the seating installation looks complete and
a hoist is in place for the scoreboard to go up.
Looks great- all those maroon chairbacks and massive end zone wall
above the concourse in maroon!

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