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Colgate-Syracuse Football Rivalry: 67th game 9/03/16–Syracuse_football_rivalry

Coming off a surprisingly successful year within the transition to schollies, is it appropriate to collectively brainstorm ways to make this 67th version of a rivalry started in 1891 more than another fbs stretch game ?

I'm not suggesting reviving the notion of parity that existed in the early to the middle 20th century. But, there are many fcs-fbs rivalries with rich histories around the country that continue to be great regional events. They can galvanize students, alumni, parents and "central New Yorkers," while bringing national attention to the role that Colgate traditionally enjoys: playing David versus Goliath. Celebrating tradition, albeit in a different era, is a vital part of appreciating Colgate's unique and evolving identity.

This can be a great event, despite the fact that the game isn't played every year. Examples of other fcs-fbs regional rivalries include Furman and South Carolina, Richmond or W&M and Virginia. With Gate alumni increasingly scattered around the country and globe, this can be like a homecoming magnet involving the two campuses and the surrounding area. The campusss are located only 38 miles apart. The game of course will always be played in the Carrier Dome. There hasn't been a better segue for reinventing this rivalry since it was discontinued as an annual game.
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To expand on the topic maybe there is potential for the game to be played in Hamilton.  Hey,  what is better than an outside game on a beautiful autumn day at Andy Kerr Stadium.  Bring in some temporary bleachers, have a standing room only section and there could be 15,000 plus at the game.  I suspect there are Syracuse fans that would love getting outside of that enclosed dome with its rather dismal environment.  A game at Colgate would bring back that true college football feeling.

Like the idea of playing 'Cuse more often, perhaps that's a way to reduce our number of home games... since they're never coming to Hamilton.  Last time they did so was 1897, game has been in Syracuse ever since... and the last time around in 2010 attendance in the dingy Dome was reported at 38,000+.  

So while I don't think they're coming to us, playing them more frequently is a good idea.  4 home games, Cuse as a quasi home game & the rest on the road.  I could live with that!
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That's precisely the solution that I was thinking of '83.
Evolve into a 4-7 home-away schedule, with a 'Cuse Carrier Dome game every three years as a surrogate home game, call it a 4-1-6.
Gate can continue to be a player in fcs football within the headwinds of diminishing interest in fcs, the digital revolution and a changing Colgate culture.
But, it has to be creative to do this. This is one interesting way. We should write letters to Vicky.

I did not realize that the Carrier Dome had gone downhill a bit.  Last Colgate - 'Cuse game I saw there was in '87. Forum Index -> Football
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