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Cornell 39, Colgate 38

I was not there but I followed when I could on ESPN Gamecast.  Did we just get flat or complacent?

So much for an at-large playoff bid if we lose the conference.

I bleed for this team and it's coaching staff.  I'm a 64 year old alum who never snapped a chin-strap to a helmet at this level. I understand, and laude, the effort that everyone in the program  puts forth. I have no right to express any comments about today's Cornell game. I planned to be at the Kerrdome, but some complications arose.  I was glued to the internet feed, and was on Cloud 9 at 21-0. I recalled a similar "out of the 'Gate" lead last year that ended in a nail-biter victory over Cornell in Ithaca (a la subsequent games with Fordham, Lehigh, Georgetown, Bucknell, New Hampshire and James Madison).  We won all of those, and this one slipped away (very painfully. You had to sense that we fell into that unintentional but so real void known as "we played not to lose rather than to win"). What did we trash? : A top 25 FCS ranking, upstate NY bragging rights,  progressive marks for Coach Hunt's resume, another two years before we get to the historic "500" level all-time with the Big Red, a potential "at large bid" for the FCS, even if we win out, an incredibly down-vibe post-game, at the Inn, and on-campus, and a missed opportunity to glory in some spectacular, record-breaking stats (Mr. Maddaluna, Jake) and, ironically, some big-D #s). I'm finding faith, as my head clears, with the belief that Coach H ant the team will pick up the pieces and roll through the League and into the playoffs.  It can be done.

I agree that they will recover.  A new season begins next Saturday.

As long as I'm crying in my beer, with no knock at all on Keyon W., we win if James H. was available (push the pile is sguare #in our DNA ). We have amazing athletes in the secondary (and speed, as noted by a come from behind TD saving tackle on a Cornell long run). Yet for 30 plus years our Achilles heal is always pass D. (I shutter to look at our pass D stats minus Yale's 3 QB effort). My frat brothers and I in the stands since 1970 have always dreaded "3rd and 18" for our opponent's QB because it's always a first down and often a TD. We have the tools to make an inspired run. Let's fix the small, but expensive. plumbing leaks.

Congrats to Maddaluna and Greenawalt on great performances, Jake with a good day.  We have no pass defense whatsoever; run up the middle can only get you so much.  Daramy never had the chance to break out b/c their kicker was tremendous.  Our one successful return drew a flag on the play.  Team very similar to last year but we can't outgun them in the air and can't convert on 3rd down, which is even worse.  The safety cost us the momentum and the game and (in hindsight) it was a poor call to throw from the 1-yd line.  Great crowd on hand but if you can't get it done at home on homecoming weekend...

Back on the road for next two weeks followed by a second (?) bye week in a questionable season.  Lehigh took Yale to the woodshed with 524 yds by their BACKUP QB.  Not sure how to fix what's broken in the air.  We had our chances on the ground but left too many 3rd and 1 on the field.  Missed Holland out there.

What is the Holland injury?
the last indian

If the QB has all day, our DB's are toast.  Need pressure on the opposing QB.  We did in the first half, but that pressure disappeared in the second half.  Not sure why, but I think the "playing not to lose" comment is relevant, too many 3 man rushes, with the defense hanging back. Few blitzes in later 2 qtrs. and the ones we did try were not effective.  Give Cornell's young coach credit for the half time adjustments they made.
go gate

Last year at this time we had 5 losses under our belt. Our D-line and O-line were being talked about like we had no team and look how we ended the season. This year, we have a loss and a win, 7 point loss against Richmond and 1 point loss against Cornell. Honestly, I think two things happened in this game loss. The lead might have given the players the misconception they had this game won. Second, I do believe the loss of Holland, not utilizing Wilkins, loss of Castillo and losing the safety Hardegree in the first few minutes of second half, were all game changers. Fact is Cornell knew we had some second string players in and that is where they took advantage. There was some bad calls by Coaching there in the last qtr. We didn't pull through with the win like I know this team could have. What counts are all the rest of the games. I'm sure these boys know it.
The Future

Just a tough day. Have to give Cornell a lot of credit for not packing it in.

Not having Holland was huge. Washington is a very good back, but Holland's ability to twist and fight for the extra yard keeps drives going.

Jake' mechanics were so good in the first half--stepping into throws and showing incredibly confidence. If he can keep that going, Colgate should be in good shape for the rest of the season.

I'm not a blame the refs guys--I don't think there is anything weaker than blaming them when your team loses but I will say that on two 40 plus Cornell runs up the middle Diener was being tackled on one play and and OG had his arms wrapped around Williams' shoulder pads as he was trying to run away from him on another. Rewatched the plays to try to figure out why our guys were so out of position and they were just being tackled. Don't know if things weren't getting called, or if I just happened to be those two plays, but they were pretty bad misses by the refs. That being said, Cornell's O-line did a really good job for a big part of the game.  

Seems like getting the ball in Daramy's hands on offense would be a good idea. A flanker screen or end around with him would be interesting. Can't help but think he's about to do something special every time he has the ball.

Hopefully these guys figure it out this week. A lot of talent on this team. Would be great to see them get on a run.

Go 'gate!

It's hard to believe that it was this team that suffered the first loss to Cornell since 2007. I can't recall when we had a bigger lead and wound up losing; perhaps others can help. The only other 23-point lead we let slip away I can recall was in the 1983 playoffs, when we lost to #2 Western Carolina with Rich Erenberg hurt. jb '74 is spot on about what was lost last Saturday. I think 3 losses including Syracuse, Richmond, and say Fordham would have gotten us an at-large bid. No way now. Also unlikely to get a high ranking and seed/home playoff game now even if we run the PL. We oldtimers also have been waiting until the time we even the series against the Big Red, and this is now pushed back a couple of years. The team can still do what they did last year.

I watched the Time Warner broadcast of the game. I thought the play calling was too predictable and conservative after we got the lead. It reminded me more of Biddle's play calling and unlike Hunt. It was also surprising how often we failed in short yardage situations. It turned out that it was key that we failed to get into the endzone at the end of the half and had to settle for the FG. Although it seemed right to go for it on 4th and 1 with a minute left, I wonder (easy in retrospect) if it would have been better to pin them deep, needing a TD with no timeouts. Tough loss for the coaching staff.

It would take hours to exhaust every "back against the wall" sports cliché that could be invoked as we head to Bethlehem (even though it's our league opener!). It seems that most of "The Faithful" posters have gotten up off the canvas and share in the view that we had a train wreck at Homecoming following our inability to punch in the TD at the close of the first half. (Much like the last four minutes of the first half at Richmond when we missed a golden red-zone opportunity and surrendered a 95 +/- scoring drive). That is football, and it's scary to see how much the game's unpredictability parallels the bizarre, tacky, but compelling toy that we older alums grew up with : ELECTRIC FOOTBALL . (What a stupid product. It took five minutes to set up the pathetically depicted player figures prior to each play, followed by the thrill of flipping the " on" switch to initiate the noisy vibration of the two and one half feet by one and one half feet pressed steel field to actuate player motion. Virtually every "play" ended up with the designated offensive "weapon" either "running" immediately into the side wall barrier (i.e. out of bounds), or more likely, running backwards to kill the play. And then you would repeat the process (unless you were so pathetically devoted to your prized "NFL" endorsed state of the art sport table-top masterpiece that you would dig into the box and set up the cheap steel-sprung device that was utilized to imitate a pro passing game by loading in a pea sized piece of felt that was to be flicked like a small rubber band slingshot towards one of your miniscule plastic pawns to effectuate a "pass completion". And Tudor Toys et al sold millions of them!!       ANYWAY, We truly support this Team and Staff.  We are proud of the collective unity and Esprit de corps displayed as they emerge on the field and then continue thereafter with sideline bumps and high-fives. NONETHELESS, here's a thought about a change of pace to launch our Patriot League schedule: Let's take a page from the Oakland Raiders gameplan of the late 1970's (when the Silver and Black ruled, aided in a significant way by our Marv Hubbard and Mark van Eeghen) :We show up at the factory at dawn, roll up our sleeves, punch the time-clock, don't talk to anybody, crack open our lunch-pails at noon, and don't punch out until we've gotten the job done. We can out "Clint Eastwood - Jack Reacher" these Mountainhawks/Engineers.  Let's Do It !

Well said, jb'74.

Go Red Raiders!

This road game with Lehigh really could be for all the marbles. Their QB's, due to an injury, have split time. They have averaged something in the vicinity of a 73% completion rate, a 4 to 1 TD/int. ratio, and they have a Soph. PA. RB with great stats, a stellar game 1 under his belt with us, and Nate E.  DNA. Our pass D has (and always has) shown vulnerability. We are limping in to Goodwin Stadium reeling from possibly our most devastating choke (against our oldest, most significant rival). Sounds to me like we have them right where we want them.  GO GATE !!

BTW, I suspect that anyone on this Board is aware of this point, but if not, you should google "Lehigh Football Nation". The Blogger (Chuck Burton Lehigh '92 ??) obviously has no life, but he does his alma mater (and the Patriot League) proud with his diligent and thoughtful tracking of FCS football. He will have, I'm certain, an interesting prediction posted tomorrow for Saturday's game. While Chuck is the enemy, he gets a pass because he treasures Fred Dunlap the same way that we all do.
the last indian

I wonder if the defense is getting tired in the second half.  If the offense scores quickly,or we are 3 and out, the defense has to take the field repeatedly with little rest.  It was clear we had less effective pass rush in the second half.  Maybe that was due to Cornell's adjustments, but maybe not. Forum Index -> Football
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