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D1 vs. D3

So I went to  a DIII lax game today... Tufts (#1 in the polls) vs. Stevens (not ranked, but maybe should be).  Had a buddy with a kid on the Stevens team, and a Gate pal with two sons playing for Tufts.

I am not a lax guy, so interested in more informed opinions on the differences between D1 & 3.  To my somewhat untrained eye (I've been to a few Gate games & my local high school is a top tier program) I thought the D1 players I've seen are somewhat bigger and stronger, but the speed of the game & skill sets are more similar in lax than they are in the sports I'm more familiar with.

One parent I talked to said he thought last year's Tufts team would've been a top 10 D1 program.  That looked like a stretch to me (my Colgate pal thought the Jumbos could hang with top D1 teams for a while, but would eventually not have the depth to win games at that level).  

Anyway, thought it was interesting & for anyone around NYC the Stevens/Hoboken lax experience is highly recommended.  Enthusiastic crowd, bars & food a block away, I'll be back on a nice Saturday afternoon!

I"ve been to a number of Stevens games. A very solid program. Enjoyable lax. Skill level is not much different overall. While a D3 game may seem fast,it is so only in reference to the players on the field. D1 players in top 20 programs are bigger and faster. if not necessarily more athletic.

Question has come up about lax funding. BU almost at 12,6,Bucknell has a couple of schollies,LU is at 12.6 as is Loyola(I think),LC a few schollies. Cross ramping up, not sure of funding. Is Gate fully funded?

Rich, dunno the answer to your question but will see what I can find out.  I know from our hockey posters that we don't fully fund hockey scholarships... 18 allowed, we only fund 16.  So certainly we have a precedent for less than full funding.

Spent some time with a very knowledgeable lax guy today who said the way lax has evolved there's less need to run three middie lines than in the past.  Said that most programs rotate 6 guys in the middle these days on an o/d basis, and the reason teams can get good so fast (Richmond beating Duke in the program's 3rd year in D1 for example) is depth isn't the factor that it once was.  Maybe the trickle down from that is more good players at d3 as well? Forum Index -> Lacrosse
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