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This article regarding required diversity courses in EVERY major at Hamilton College was on today's (8/6/16) front page of Yahoo! News.  Colgate had its own sit-in at James B. Colgate hall 2 years ago while Herbst was President.  IMO, I was extremely impressed with how Colgate students presented themselves (though I did not witness this in person, only through Colgate and local media reports, which I followed closely) and was equally impressed at how seriously the administration (especially Doug Hicks, I believe) responded to student concerns, which included a collaborative, detailed plan.  I only hope it has been implemented.

I don't think it is any coincidence that this diversity requirement coincided with the hiring of Hamilton's new President this year.  My God, we are so fortunate to have Brian Casey!

Headline and article of Hamilton's President:

Yahoo article:

Anyone have thoughts?  Not looking to start a war, but appreciate meaningful discussion and opinions.


I am surprised that my old friend go 'gate (the only poster I think who remembers past games better than I do) has swallowed the diversity Kool-Aid. I think we are fortunate to have Brian Casay because in addition to his scholastic credentials, he was an all-American athlete and knows the perspective of scholar-athletes. I don't think we are fortunate to have him because of his sexual orientation; that is irrelevant.

Of course the "Can You Hear Us Now" sit-in at James B. Colgate Hall 2 years ago was covered favorably by the Colgate media. Any campus embarrassment is portrayed not as a problem but at an opportunity by the Colgate Scene. However national media looked at that protest as emblematic of coddled, privileged, students whining about not getting enough financial aid, demanding "diversity training" for all profs, wanting free bus and taxi service to Syracuse, and other perceived injustices. Even Howard Fineman, hardly a right-winger, who went to Colgate in the Neanderthal all-male days, scoffed at the sit-in. Fineman said there were very few Jewish students when he was at Colgate, yet he always felt included. Fineman was amused at the demand that free transportation be provided to Syracuse, so that "students of lower socioeconomic status don't feel isolated". One needn't leave Madison County to find poverty. Anyone could go to the north end of Lake Morraine and find people fishing for their supper.

The only "evidence" of racism were anonymous comments posted on social media Yik Yak, comments that could be posted by anyone and in fact were admittedly planted at other colleges for "consciousness-raising". Nooses supposedly hanging from Oak Drive trees 10 or 12 years ago led to a similar protest, yet no one could find any. Duke students were found a few years ago planting racist graffiti to justify a protest.  I don't remember racist graffiti or attitudes when I was at Colgate in the backwards 70s. Although blacks made up a small percentage of students, most frats had black members. The only group ostracized was the one I belonged to - socially awkward science geeks.

Instead of required "diversity courses" where white liberal profs teach the same old diversity shibboleths everyone knows anyway, how about taking courses in Spanish or Hispanic culture, or going on study groups to inner cities or poverty stricken countries? The old Colgate core required philosophy and religion, a hard science, a language requirement, and art/music courses. Now I see "Environmental Activism", "Climate Change", "Globalization", and so forth. Stanley Brubaker is a political science prof I had at Colgate who is still teaching. At one point he claimed to be the only open Republican on the faculty (though he said there were 2 others who told him they were too but preferred to keep quiet about it). Brubaker once was publicly threatened by a religion prof (!!) over a comment he made about 14 years ago, another episode which brought negative publicity to Colgate, but you'd never know it reading the Colgate Scene. FWIW, Brubaker is not your typical skinhead, but someone who grew up liberal and married a woman of another race, and only became a Republican after doing his PhD thesis on the Federalist Papers and realizing the intent of the founding fathers.

How about a focus on diversity of ideas at a university, rather than skin pigmentation, sexual orientation, and manufactured controversies?

And Another Thing

In response to the trash talking fan of a glorified Texas junior college during the playoffs last year, we felt compelled to leave the voy forum we had used for over a decade and start this forum. As a result, Colgate sports fan chatter has never been more dead than the last 6 month. However "outdated" the voy board was, it didn't require registration, and was organized in a manner that facilitated discussion and debate over a controversial topic. Sometimes newer is not necessarily better.

In the spirit of contributing dialogue, here's my 2 cents... I am hard put to opine about "diversity Kool-Aid" and so won't go there. But I will state that I was very impressed and pleased with the way Colgate administrators 2 years ago conducted themselves with regard to issues tabled by our students. Further, I have heard from President Casey - a great choice BTW and a proven leader - that when a not-dissimilar event occurred at Depauw what he did then and would do again is listen carefully and engage fully with those students about their concerns, whatever they may be.

So for my part I see no need or rationale for interjecting my personal views on the Colgate of the 1970s, "my" decade, versus
this decade's events, or students' perceptions and sensitivites regarding such events. I would like to think that as alumni we have moved on.

Go 'gate!

Steve, you are a loyal Colgate son, and always promote Colgate's positive attributes. I read about the "Can You Hear Us Now" sit-in in USA Today, along  I'm sure with millions of people. I read how a small minority of students, along with a few dozen faculty (!), described Colgate as an institution rife with racism and injustice. This is the first impression millions now have of Colgate. My impression of Colgate, not only from my college days but from visiting at least yearly, is that Colgate is easily the least racist of the many places I've lived. For over 40 years now we've had an aggressive affirmative action policy for minority admissions, and we are very generous with financial aid.

Sure those protesting "microaggressions" deserve a hearing, and an investigation of any proof of their claims. But Colgate does not become a bad place just because some malcontents decide they want to say it is. Colgate's "detailed 21-point plan" seems like an admission of guilt that we are indeed a racist institution, with many of the "actions" seeming formulaic and silly. (Even supporters of the diversity statement now in our faculty applications call the wording "boilerplate".) Such kowtowing to demands made without proof of wrongdoing will only encourage more slandering of our alma mater.

When I criticize a Colgate athletic policy made years ago, backed with evidence, on a forum very few people read, I'm often reprimanded as a crusty old jock-sniffer hurting Colgate's image. Steve, you of all people should be offended by unfair slander of Colgate, a place you and I know goes to great lengths to have a diverse campus environment. Students given a free ride to experience Colgate's fabulous education should be appreciative and take advantage of it, or leave the funds to someone who will.

While Colgate administrators were falling all over themselves to right all of the alledged racist wrongs on campus, observers across the political spectrum, Colgate and non-Colgate alike, looked at our Can You Hear Us sit-in as the reductio ad absurdum of the microaggression movement. Complaining that Colgate is 70% white (when the US is 72% white!). The complaints about not enough financial aid, when the half of the student body not receiving aid pay 65K!  And if not having free transportation to Syracuse is such an injustice, perhaps those who feel that way should go to Syracuse U instead.

For those who wonder what this topic is doing on a sports forum, there is much overlap among those who think Colgate is rife with injustice and microaggressions, and those who think Colgate striving for athletic success is incompatible with striving for academic excellence. Steve, you seem to dismiss my initial comments. What exactly did you disagree with? Forum Index -> Whatever Else
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