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Ever Been Any More Highlight Reel Moments ?

Hi,  My first post on this new board. I grew up a seven iron from where the real nuts and bolts of the ultimate base for the creation of the digital world and related hardware came forth : IBM Endicott's Research College launched shortly after WWII. (Thomas J. Watson chose Endicott, NY as the location for his punch time -clock and related business machine manufacturing enterprise because of the worker's paradise (Union free) environment established there by the brilliant capitalist/socialist shoe manufacturer George F. Johnson. Despite my resultant connection to the birthplace of this Board's technology, I type at three words per minute and  typically drop attempted messages on-line at a 75% rate. Anyway, my compliments to 'Gate 63 in upgrading this resource site for all things Colgate, and I would like to ask if anyone can remember a single 'Gate game with as many individual spectacular plays as came forth at JaMU ??
Gate Raider

Well, you did pretty good in that one.  BTW, mistakes are acceptable, do sweat it.

To Gate Raider, Thank you for your gracious post/observation. In keeping with my comments about my Board ineptitude,  I will be curious to see if this reply posts,  If so, perhaps I'm catching on and I will try to respond with something worthwhile. Forum Index -> Football
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