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FBS semi finals

What did posters think of the timing of the two games last night? IMO those games should not have been played on New Year's Eve day or New Year's eve. They can't be getting the fans to tune in during this holiday period. With parties going on and whatnot the viewership could not have been as good as it could if they were planned for this weekend. I know I missed half of each game due to previous commitments. The Clemson-Oklahoma game was exciting and it was disappointing to miss the second half. What do you think?

Timing was terrible and the overnight ratings were awful-half of last years semis.

CR(colorlessraider) wrote:
Timing was terrible and the overnight ratings were awful-half of last years semis.

According to the Times, ESPNlost about 30 per cent or more of their viewers from last year for the semis. Last year the games were on Saturday. Hopefully they will be able to move the games back to Saturday next year. I mean, come on. We're talking about the CFC - or whatever it's called - and next to last games of the college FB season. These games deserve a better day/time slot than what was scheduled this year.

Was in Utah on a ski trip so the games were two hours earlier... perfect for those of us who don't go out & mess with the amateurs on NYE!  However, ratings were horrible so understand if they go with a new plan next year.  More important to me would be actually trying to find the 4 best teams to play, but that's not happening while this is a TV event vs. a real tournament.  Expand the playoffs to at least a field of 8! Forum Index -> Whatever Else
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