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Fordham's Moorehead Resigns as Head Coach

Perhaps this was already mentioned somewhere on this new site or perhaps I am posting this on the wrong thread, IDK...but Fordham's Joe Moorehead was hired as OC at Penn State

Former offensive coordinater Breiner to take over.  My God he looks like he's 12.

Maybe Moorehead was just trying to leave AD Roach behind and he finally got his chance

Very Happy

Hasn't been posted and this is the right spot  Cool

Right time to get out for Moorhead I think, and Breiner does look 12. Smart to hire from within a winning program though.

The stats and accolades Moorehead, Breiner and the players have achieved at Fordham are impressive.  I am still shocked that we beat what has felt like a dynasty-in-the-making over the last several years for the Rams.

Think we may have lucked out more with our first round draw (UNH) than they did vs. Chattanooga.

Let's hope Breiner falters during his transition next year  Wink


Anyone else hear that Edmonds is considering leaving Fordham?  Great recruit, but makes you wonder if he is second-guessing his decision to go there.  Sure, the PL can produce talent, but if your aspirations are the next level, a more powerful program with a winning tradition from a stronger conference could make sense.  Add Moorehead's resignation and Fordham's loss to Colgate and being dumped in the first round of the FCS playoffs...why stick around another year for possibly more of the same?

I saw the speculation he might go on Fordham's board, but then he apparently was supportive of promoting Briener to the head job so figured he'd stay.  Guess not!  Still hard to believe they didn't involve him in the play for the 2 point conversion at the end of the game in October... Forum Index -> Whatever Else
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