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Gate WHOC: Following the Program 3 yr. turnaround

If you liked the turnaround in Gate football from the 0-3 start in 2015, you'll love the turnaround continuing in the Gate woman's hockey program started in fall 2015 and continuing into 2016. This could be one of the most dramatic turnarounds in a Gate athletics program in quite a while. Kudos to Greg Fargo & Co.. Just in time for the Class of '65 Arena.

Top 10 NCAA women’s hockey freshmen at midseason
5. Bailey Larson, F, Colgate

The Colgate Raiders are terrifying. It’s not their record, 10-3-5, which is impressive on its own. It’s that their top nine leading scorers are all freshmen or sophomores.

Leading the way is Larson with seven goals and 11 assists. Fellow freshman forwards Shae Labbe and Jesse Eldridge (both with eight goals and five assists) also bear mentioning on the young and talented Raiders.

See article:
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Can the Raiders sustain their #10 National Ranking ?


With ECAC games in hand #10 WHOC takes on Dartmouth and Harvard on the road this weekend, 1/8 & 1/9.

After a 30 day break Gate tied Cuse on the road on 1/4 looking a little rusty, and perhaps looking ahead to this weekend. Gate is now 10-3-6 on the year. Standing at 5th with 8 points in the ECAC, the Raiders have two games in hand against both Dartmouth ( ECAC 4th with 10 points ) and Harvard ( ECAC 3rd with 11 points ).

Coming out of the weekend with ties or 2 points, with games at hand against everyone in the ECAC except Cornell, will be enough to keep their MO going.
More than than 2 points will probably bump them up a notch in the National Polls. The Raiders will start a 5 game homestead on Jan 12th against the Big Red in Hammytown followed by Brown & Yale on that weekend. 3 games in one week.

We'll soon find out just how good this very young team really is!

Have been a WIH supporter since its club status and am ecstatic for the program's success.  With all that Colgate has going for it, it should have happened sooner.  Thought Colgate and Union would be league doormats for eternity, while Clarkson and Cornell, who began around the same time if not later, blew us out of the water.  Just seemed Colgate could never get over the hump.  Have always felt Colgate is stuck between a rock and a hard place in the ECAC (men and women).  Colgate is not an Ivy and it is not Clarkson, SLU, RPI or Union...schools with faux DIII programs yet promote DI hockey which gets all of their money, support and attention.  Not sure about SLU, but the other three have won national titles in hockey for men or women!

I am still cautious about this season.  Yesterday's tie v. Syracuse was the result of yet ANOTHER late game goal.  Six ties is ambiguous, if not ominous.  Our win v. #5 Clarkson in OT gave us notice (we gave up late 2nd and 3rd per. goals) and scoring first has been positive, if not crucial.  Otherwise, we cannot hold a lead.  We should have beaten Cornell on 11/17 but settled for a very disappointing tie IMO.

Impressive season but still a lot of growing to do.  Recruiting seems to be the biggest improvement with fantastic, young contributions.  This is Fargo's 4th season already.  He came from a (albeit successful) D-III school and I had serious doubts.  I guess it is typical for coaches to need 4-5 years to turn around a program...and I doubt Wisconsin or Minnesota would hire a DIII coach to head their storied programs.

Here's to a great finish!
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Many good points go gate....they have had consistently good starts-scoring first...and just as consistently haven't been able to step on opponents throats to keep them from coming back. Clearly a pattern that Fargo and the team knows it has to change.  Convert the 1 pointer Ties to 2 pointer Wins and prevent coming away with 0 points in games where they're in control for a good part of the game. That's the obvious risk in preventing this from becoming a storybook season, ...with games in hand and the backdrop of the new facility right around the corner.

Despite this season's outcome, it's unequivocal that Fargo, among all of Gate's new coaches has to be given credit for really hiting recruiting homeruns in the freshman and sophomore classes. And the F's & S's represent 75% of this team. There are only 3 seniors.

That said, it will be interesting to observe Fargo's ability to mold this talent and this season's foundation into a new character for the Program ? It's an opportunity that doesn't happen often. We might be jaded by Hunt putting a new stamp on the FB Program after an 0-3 start. The impact can radiate on other Gate Programs!

( btw, I think M's and W's ECAC hockey, despite the unusual Ivy/DI/DIII hodgepodge within the league, is the perfect spot for us in Hockey. )

As I stated above, this weekend on the road will be a big test at Dartmouth and especially Harvard. And 5 games in 9 days starting on Friday will test the stamina and focus of this young team.

#10 Colgate 2 #9 Harvard 6

Am very happy for the team this season, but this game separated the women from the girls.  The only quality win this season has been against #5 Clarkson in OT and the 6 ties are not so much a strength as they are a weakness.  We had a chance to prove ourselves against the Crimson and fell convincingly short.  We outshot the Crimson and only took 2 penalties, which is great.  Rando is the go-to goalie and has had some good wins, but I am more impressed with Vandyk in goal and think she plays better against tougher competition.

Though I think we were overrated, there's no denying the program is making strides this season and is heading in a great direction.  With such a young roster, it can only get better over the next several seasons...and in a new rink to boot.  Who knows, maybe the women's team will actually get some loyal followers into the stands.  Harvard had 802 at Bright to watch them play the Raiders!  Hopefully some were Colgate fans Smile
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There are 5 games in Hammy starting tomorrow ( Cornell 1/12 ),and continuing Fri ( Brown 1/15 ),  Sat ( Yale 1/16 ), following Friday ( St. Lawrence 1/22 ) and finally Saturday ( Clarkson 1/23 ).

With ECAC rankings of 1. Qp, 2. P, 3. H. 4.Cl 5. gate and 6. St. L, the Gate hat to win the ones that they should: Cornell, Brown and Yale. They can afford to lose one or get ties from Clark and St.L. With games in hand against everyone except the Big Red,, 6 to 8 points will keep them in the chase for a top four tournament home game. Clarkson will be out for blood! But, 6 to 8 points can keep their eyes on the prize !THAT WOULD BE A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR THIS YOUNG TEAM-JUST TO STAY IN THE RACE FOR THE TOURNEY HOME GAME THROUGH THE SEASON"S FINALE.

Less than 6 points will show that it will be tough to keep pace with the other ECAC teams in USCHO's top 10: Q, Cl. H. and P.

Gate hockey fans who don't add WHOC to their repertoire this season have their heads in the sand.

Thanks for the update Archivist. With the men's team having such a slim home slate of games this season, the women's team can provide a good fix for hockey fans. Should be some good competitive games in the upcoming weeks.
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WHOC beats Cornell 4-3; shares 4th place with Clarkson; has home ice in Tourney a/o today; 1st win over Big Red since 2008-9

Four home games to go this weekend and next.

Keep in perspective what the W-L has been for WHOC over the past few years.
This is shaping up as the best season since 2008-9. Remaining cautious..... But, you have to give a lot of credit to Fargo, in his 4th year. He didn't inherit many good players when he took over. The Fr & Sophs, the life of this team, are all his recruits!

Why there aren't more hockey fans switching over from the men's moribund season escapes me ??? These women are aggressive, athletic and very skilled!

Great win against Yale today. That's the gritty kind of win we would not have been able to pull off in past year's.
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Third place ( Home Ice ) Gate WHOC set up for Showdown in Hammy 1/23-4                  

Gate grabbed 6 pts at home in three home games this week.
Clarkson and St. Lawrence come to Hammy next weekend looking for blood!

                                     Points      ECAC        Overall

3rd place      Clarkson 16     7-3-2     19-3- 2
3rd place         Colgate 16     6-2-4     14-4- 6
6th place         St. Law.      12     6-5-0     12-10-1

Why more hockey fans aren't following this team continues to boggle the mind.
On track for best season in 6 years! Great turnaround. Team brimming with Fr and Soph talent ![/b]

Still in happy disbelief with this team.  Fantastic come-from-behind win.  Have said before that Vandyk seems solid despite the early goals.  Yale skated fast and looked terrific IMO.

Tough to beat any team twice; Clarkson is too good.  Would love a win but a series split is realistic and admirable.  Gate not quite at the top but better than most of the pack.  Can't believe I'm saying that!

Without thinking too far ahead, really need to make it past the first round of the playoffs or this season could be very bittersweet.
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Big Matchup 1/23, 3:00 EST,

ECAC # 3 Clarkson 17 pts. ( 7-3-3, 19-3-3 ) @ #3 Gate 17 pts. ( 6-2-5, 14-4-7 )

Gate tied SLU as did Clarkson and Cornell on Friday. Each gained 1 pt. and remained tied at #3.

# 2 Princeton, 19 pts. ( 9-4-1, 15-4-1 ) is idle this weekend, having played one more game than both Clarkson and Gate.

Therefore, the winner of this matchup can move into #2.

Go 'Gate!
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Raiders fall to Clarkson, 3-2; move into a tie with Harvard at #4.

With 8 games to go, they're very much in the race for the home ice advantage, which goes to 1 through 4 in final ECAC standings!

Next weekend, RPI and Union on the road. Gate tied both at home in the early season. Nothing will be easy, from here on out.

This team has come a loooong way to get here. It will be a testament to their grit if the largely Frosh and Soph players can maintain this intensity?

All I can say (again) is it's about time this team has made a national appearance!  Fantastic that such a young squad can put up such great numbers.  Any other year, Colgate would have looked valiant but outmatched against ranked teams.  Today, we are a formidable opponent.

Losses to #8 Harvard and #5 Clarkson are telling.  We are a notch below the best of the best and it showed against the Golden Knights on Saturday IMO.

There is no reason to think Colgate should not get 4 points this coming weekend.  Unlike the men's team but more like the football team, the women are improving game by game and are making some noise - and a name for themselves - along the way.

It is truly great to see.  Can just imagine seeing the team's first banner of any kind in the rafters of our new rink next season (we don't have one yet, right?!)
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go'gate wrote:
.  Unlike the men's team but more like the football team, the women are improving game by game and are making some noise - and a name for themselves - along the way.

I agree go 'gate. The ability to enjoy this kind of progress, even when it's more subtle ( before the break out becomes obvious to the great unwashed ) is what distinguishes posters I enjoy reading on this board from the other posters. ( Buy low, Sell high ! ) The ability to persevere, not blow opponents away, is what made the 2015 gate football team so much fun to witness, if you followed from the beginning of the year. It leads to the inference that multiple elements in the Program are buying into the evolving energy. That's wonderful sports drama! I hope, at the very least, that these young warriors continue to fight until the end of season, even if they don't bag a 1-4 finish.

I'm not as as sanguine as you about 4 pts this weekend. Both RPI and Union ended up ties at home, when the women were giving up the leads. Getting 4 pts on the road will indicate how much this team is growing.

You may be right about Clarkson, Harvard ( and Q'pac ) being a step ahead of Gate. I think beating Princeton at home, not losing any of the obvious wins and getting a loss here and there by Harvard and Clarkson is the scenario for gate getting the 4 seed.

Go Gate!

This turnaround is big...too bad more folks aren't enjoying it like you and I!

A part of the allure is that both the football and the WIH teams were not projected to finish high.  Talk about the unexpected, it's what makes me savor these seasons even more as the underdog.  When the MIH team is picked 4th in the nation (as was the case a year or two ago) and then underachieves for multiple reasons, I cannot hide my frustrations as well and am quick to criticize.

The women's team has made it a habit of squandering early and late leads.  Seven ties in a season is a bit abnormal.  Next season they should sway our way.

One would hope that Chun is trying to get more exposure and student/fan presence at Starr.  Having a team in the national polls deserves more than the minimum effort.

The earlier RPI/Union ties were an anomaly.  I have a feeling we were still getting our feet wet.  We are the better team...but we also have a number on our backs, so who knows!  The pp has been a nice surprise this season.
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Colgate retains #4, beats RPI 5-3 @RPI

On to @Union on Sat.

Next weekend, Princeton & Q'pac in Hammytown; have to beat Princeton to say in the running for home ice in the ECAC tournament.

Had me worried...another lead that we let slip away, but we're a pretty good 3rd period team.  Need to finish the sweep this weekend in the Capital District.  Not sure we stand much of a chance next weekend.  Would be nice to get some fans in the stands with ranked teams coming to town, but why start now to promote our own ranked program?!

Can anyone there a different playoff format this year, too?

I hope this helps
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go'gate wrote:
 Not sure we stand much of a chance next weekend.  

Gate's game at Princeton was very close. I think it's winnable.
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Gate 1 Union 0, grabs 4 pts in Capital Cities Weekend; THIRD PLACE TIE WITH PRINCETON!!!!

We're in the home stretch of the season with 6 games to go before the ECAC Tournament. This team is on target, at 16-5-7, 8-3-5, to have one of the 2 best seasons since Gate joined the men in the major ECAC D1 Conference.

You can't ask for a more challenging weekend than next Friday and Saturday, two nationally ranked teams fighting with nationally ranked Gate for the 4 spots for home ice for the Tournament.  Tied for 3rd with Princeton, and Harvard breathing down their necks in 4th, a win is critical. It's also the Annual Autism Awareness Game!

Having tied @ Q'pac 12-1-, 22-1-4 earlier this year, Gate will get no mercy in the home match-up on Saturday.

So far, the ladies have been showing they're capable of rising to the challenges in front of them. It only gets tougher and the rewards get bigger, as we go into the stretch. [/b]

Hoping for at least three points this weekend.   Go Gate!
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bluefish wrote:
Hoping for at least three points this weekend.   Go Gate!

I agree bluefish. I think it's important that the win come against Princeton and the tie from the Q'pac game. Q'pac is pretty close to being a lock on #1st place.

Clarkson probably in better shape than the three duking it out for the other two home ice slots: Colgate. Princeton and Harvard. St Lawrence is outside looking in, but isn't out of it quite yet. [/u]

bluefish wrote:
Hoping for at least three points this weekend.   Go Gate!

3 points was impossible to ask for; unfortunate loss to Princeton tonight shows that.  We have proven that we cannot hold a lead, we give up early period and late period goals, and cannot beat ranked teams.  The Clarkson win was an anomaly.  Vandyk is getting great experience, but her 2nd goal was as soft as they come.

Still a tremendous season, but would like to fast forward to the playoffs and keep our fingers crossed.  Hope we can keep pace with the Bobcats tomorrow and stay out of the box.
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go'gate wrote:
bluefish wrote:
Hoping for at least three points this weekend.   Go Gate!

Still a tremendous season, but would like to fast forward to the playoffs and keep our fingers crossed.  Hope we can keep pace with the Bobcats tomorrow and stay out of the box.

And Yale is creeping into the picture for next week, with 19 pts tied for 6th with SLU just behind Harvard. Every game in this stretch run, creates different scenarios for Gate to stay within range of the number 4 slot. Harvard helped Gate tonite by settling for a tie, staying one point behind # 4Gate at # 5.
I just want to see these ladies continune to play hard to the end. Good game tonite!

An expected scenario: we finish 2-5 the rest of the way and beat Dartmouth and Brown.  On paper, Harvard is the better team and has only given up 26 goals.  We seem very similar to Yale, which gave us fits in Hamilton.  They've beaten Qpac earlier in the season.  We topped Cornell for the first time in years on Jan. 15; a series split is more likely next time around.  I'm all for surprises, though!

Att. 1098!?  That has to be a record!  Sorry they couldn't get the W.

great win,
tears in my eyes.
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go'gate wrote:
 I'm all for surprises, though!

# 10 Gate 4-3 victory over #4 ( nationally ranked) Q'pac ends their 21 game unbeaten streak-which dates back to Halloween!

Colgate still at #4 in the ECAC; Harvard at #5 1 pt. behind

With 4 games to go, one scenario for a #4 Gate is home ice, but it might mean a series at home against Harvard or Princeton, two teams that have been pretty tough for Gate under any circumstances.

Bottom line, a glance at the 4 games left for each of the contenders doesn't favor any team. Colgate could end up w.o. home ice and still be in the thick of it.  And getting lucky and ending up at #3 would still probably pit them against Harvard or Princeton.

The key is for them to keep fighting to the end. Great comeback win after the disappointing loss to Princeton. This team may have the required character!

Congrats to the women - great win!

Glad you quoted me b/c I was going to quote myself lol!  Monumental win, wow.  The Raiders looked ecstatic!  Did we steal a win here?  Was this a 1-time deal?  Outshot 2-1, yet winning faceoffs and scoring on the pp are also key.  Leave it to the Raiders to make it interesting again late in the 3rd!
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Colgate 2 Yale 0; now tied with Princeton for 3rd in ECAC & Home Ice

With three games to go, the Harvard game in Hammy next Friday night looms large! Harvard is in 4th , technically the 5th team and gate's most likely opponent in the playoffs, no matter what happens next Friday. The only question is whether the playoff first round will be played in Hammy or in Cambridge.

If they win the games with Brown tomorrow and Dartmouth next Sat., this team will have at least 20 wins. That will be the best WHOC season ever !

The first five teams seems pretty set. A favorable occurrence would be if somehow St. L could move into 5 and become Gate's opponent in Hammy for the 1st round. Unlikely !

It seems amazing to me that more people on this board aren't taking note.
This is one of the greatest Colgate team turnarounds from  one season to the next EVER!!!!

Last year WHoc finished 7-25-2 overall (.235); 4-16-2 league (.227); this is a fantastic program revival but we really had nowhere to go but up!

Sure, the Colgate brand of education, a beautiful campus, graduation rate,'s all stellar, but the hockey program itself never equated to its own brand of winning consistency.

The key of recruiting top talent to rural Hamilton, to an inconsistent program, to a mediocre rink, without scholarships, has completely changed.  The tide with Fargo is turning...and the fans are taking notice, too!
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It's probably Colgate and Harvard for big showdown next Fri nite and into the playoffs the following week

Colgate and Harvard have already clinched berths in the ECAC Hockey Tournament

Harvard game Fri nite will decide if the 4-5 seeds play in Cambridge or Hammy for the Quarterfinals beginning Feb 26.

After beating Brown 3-2 on Sat., Gate is tied for 3rd with Princeton and Harvard is in 4th

Colgate decides its own destiny needing just three points or a victory over Harvard to clinch home ice in the conference quarterfinals.

Harvard, which is right on Colgate's tail, needs four points to clinch home ice.

Gritty win over a different Brown team the second time around.  A loss to Harvard next Saturday means Colgate could very easily fall to 6th.  Tiebreakers...ugh!  The league is very strong this year...even Yale with a losing record is a fierce opponent IMO.  And finishing above Cornell, how sweet it is.

It's obvious we can't control our aggressiveness and time in the penalty box, and it's going to cost us.  Hope some fans come out to support the team.

Women are now 9th in the PWR rankings.  Maybe they move up a notch in tomorrows polls?
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GAME SCHEDULE (site will be on campus of highest remaining seed after quarterfinal round)

Saturday, March 5
Semifinal Game One - TBD
Semifinal Game Two - TBD

Sunday, March 6
Championship Game - TBD

How They Will Get There

QUARTERFINALS (Friday, February 26 - Sunday, February 28 - Best-of-three games)

No. 8 at No. 1

No. 7 at No. 2

No. 6 at No. 3

No. 5 at No. 4

Rankings as of 2-14

1 Quinnipiac 32 14-2-4 24-2-5
2 Clarkson 29 12-3-5 24-3-5
3 Princeton 27 13-6-1 20-6-1
Colgate 27 11-4-5 19-6-7
5 Harvard 25 11-6-3 15-9-3
6 St. Lawrence 20 8-8-4 14-13-5
Rensselaer 20 8-8-4 10-14-6
8 Yale 19 9-10-1 10-16-1
9 Cornell 18 7-9-4 11-12-4
10 Dartmouth 15 6-11-3 6-17-3
11 Brown 5 1-16-3 3-21-3
12 Union 3 0-17-3 0-26-6

After all of these years, one might hope that Cornell could do the lady raiders a big favor today.

From a program standpoint that would be great, but does it really matter?  Good teams should win anywhere.  Not sure what our record is against Harvard, but my guess is we have 1 - maybe 2 - wins against them in our program's history, and Colgate will likely face the Crimson in the playoffs.  Colgate would be the underdog on its own home ice and unfortunately, Colgate would likely lose.

Rando is a bit inconsistent in goal and taking penalties is our signature.  Too bad we could't take care of business; relying on others to help is never a good sign.  Colgate's goal differential is only 8; we score about as many as we surrender, also not good.

Just the fact that we competed well and didn't get crushed our outplayed by Harvard shows how much this program has improved.  That has never been the case before.  In league history, Harvard is the gold standard.

Harvard is the gold can we win????

We get to play the Gold Standard for our last games at Starr.  Go Gate!

Great win for our gals over Dartmouth!  Go Gate beat Harvard!

Yes, Harvard is the gold standard of the ECAC with their program's history...and yes, they're coming to Starr  Wink

Hope the Raiders can turn around their misfortune against the Crimson and make even more history.

Yes they can...they are a new team young and growing. Old records should be what they are.
Gate Raider

In case you have not noticed Starr rink has been empty for MHOC all year.  The fans have forgotten about MHOC.  Probably had something to do with no home games over a two month period.  So don't complain about fans showing up for games.  They didn't show up for football either.  Hockey and football are on a downward slide.  Basketball, soccer and lacrosse is where the action is today.  There were more fans at some women's soccer games this year than there were for football games.  Should have saved the money spent on the new ice rink.

Largest women's soccer crowd this year was versus American, Homecoming weekend.  Total attendance was 513.  Game was at 4:30 so folks could go straight from football to Beyer-Small.  Glad so many of the 7,343 at the football game could attend...

Seriously GR, we get you don't like the recent hockey & football skeds.  But try a fact or two every now & then, you might like it!

Men's hockey average attendance by home game by season:
2011/12: 1,294
2012/13: 1,312
2013/14: 1,567
2014/15: 1,515
2015/16: 1,533

I'd expect this year's average will go up after Silver Puck next weekend.  

Anyway, apologies for going off topic on women's hockey.  Great win today, I'll look forward to attending my first WHOC home game in person next Friday at 3!
The Future

'83, please don't use facts to support your argument. Having to put up with you being logical is hard enough.

Women now 9th in the polling.
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Parallels between 2015 Gate FB & 2015-16 WHOC

It's fitting that this team is beginning to get some attention here by fans who watched the exciting evolution of this year's FB season. I watched every FB game ( sorry GR, online at home in Evanston, Il !! ) and I watched almost every woman's hockey game. The WHOC team, like the FB team, just kept getting better as the season wore on. What makes this so remarkable is that they're so young. And they're very confident!

Keep in mind, they've been close to being a doormat like Woman's Field Hockey for years, although their birth as a club sport is more dramatic than any other sport at 'Gate.

Greg Fargo and his staff have done a remarkable job.

Regardless of the outcome in the tournament, this young, gritty and athletc team is going to garner more interest nationally as it transitions into the new arena. What a fitting goodbye to Starr!

QUARTERFINALS (Friday, February 26 - Sunday, February 28 - Best-of-three games)

No. 8 Rensselaer at No. 1 Quinnipiac
Friday, February 26 - 2 p.m.
Saturday, February 27 - 2 p.m.
Sunday, February 28 (if necessary) - 2 p.m.

No. 7 Cornell at No. 2 Clarkson
Friday, February 26 - 3 p.m.
Saturday, February 27 - 3 p.m.
Sunday, February 28 (if necessary) - 2 p.m.

No. 6 St. Lawrence at No. 3 Princeton
Friday, February 26 - 3 p.m.
Saturday, February 27 - 3 p.m.
Sunday, February 28 (if necessary) - 2 p.m.

No. 5 Harvard at No. 4 Colgate
Friday, February 26 - 3:05 p.m.
Saturday, February 27 - 7:05 p.m.
Sunday, February 28 (if necessary) - 4:05 p.m.

There is actually a Wikipedia page for WHOC?!

Watched club and DIII games in person - such a statement program back then in the late 90s - but the opponents make me cringe!  So glad we did NOT conform to the NESCAC mold!

Can't wait to see them in person on Saturday as they host their first-ever DI playoffs.  Special teams is a BIG concern.  Raiders have shown they can come from behind, only to lose.  Would be nice to hold an early lead and not give up a late goal!
Raider Archivist

Gate 4 Harvard 1; on to game #2 of ECAC quarterfinals @7 on Sat nite

Gate didn't seem fazed by their 1-28-2 all-time record against Harvard nor their relative lack of playoff experience.

This young team has gotten progressively better as the schedule has brought bigger challenges its way at every stage of the season. A victory for this young team on Saturday nite would be a storybook ending for closing out the Starr Rink era.

The parallel is unmistakeable to how, as the season wore on, the 2015 FB team kept getting better ( and finding ways to win ). The opportunity for a serious fan to witness this doesn't happen that often. What differentiates this WHOC season from the FB season are two unique and related characteristics: a. how dismal the immediate one year and multi-year program records were that preceded this WHOC season. and b. how extraordinarily young and self-confident this WHOC team is- none of this history seems to have mattered nor has it cast a karmic spell.

The future is bright for this program and this young team as they bring their momentum into the new arena ushering in a new era in women's hockey at Colgate.

Go gate!

Very proud of the team.  They played like they had a reversal of misfortune on their side.  Amazing to witness new history being made as we bid an emotional farewell to Starr Rink.

Went to the game, 1st women's game since the early 80's!  Talked to some Harvard parents after the game, they were very complimentary of our squad & their time in Hamilton.  And then the men with their first quality win in who knows how long, a great way to say goodbye to Starr!

This is the Harvard team we all know and remember...just couldn't muster enough against their determined squad to get the win, and now there is a decisive battle to play another day.  We lost every stat and did a complete 180 from yesterday.  We are now 2-28 all-time against the Crimson.  Not sure if there are at-large bids for women's hockey.

We need to stay out of the box, and this is nothing new.  They are screwing themselves.  Scoring the first goal would be huge and Rando needs to be on her game.  We've dominated f/o all season...was surprised at our performance yesterday.

go' gate!
beat Harvard!

There are 4 ALs and 4 AQs. Don't  plan on an AL bid. Winning today is the next step to win the ECAC which is really our only shot.

Come what may this has been a fantastic season for our women.

Go Gate...beat the Gold Standard.

Tears in my eyes.
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FINAL: COLGATE 3 HARVARD 2, in the 15th minute of overtime!!!!!

                                  UNBELIEVABLE SEASON!

   One of the biggest inter-season turnarounds in any sport in Gate history

                                     AGAINST  CLARKSON.    


                1. They beat Clarkson 4-3 in overtime in Potsdam on 12-4

                2. They lost to Clarkson 3-2 in Hammy on Jan 23

                3. They also earned 3 pts ( a win and a tie ) with both of the
                      other semi-finalists during the season, Q'pac and SLU

                                      They're in this to win it !!!!

                                             Go Gate !!!!


They actually did it!!!

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy
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Fargo NCAA coach of the year? He has to be on the short list.

Colgate #8 on PairWise. #7 Princeton was knocked out yesterday. But one of the auto bids (CHA) will come from outside of top 8.

7 of top 15 teams are ECAC. ECAC will for sure get one of the at large bids. Can they get two?

The top teams in other conferences winning would help Colgate.

Winning against Clarkson is the most direct path to the NCAA's.

Go 'gate!!!

Tremendous game! Congrats to Coach Fargo and all the players on an outstanding game..and season. Coming back in the third game ...and against Harvard..had to be draining mentally for the team. But they did it! Now on to Clarkson and beyond....

Girls #7 in country now !

GO GATE...beat Clarkson!!!!!!

Amazing season!  Surpassed expectations but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be for the underdog this time around.  Will be back bigger and stronger next season...where even more history will be made.

Congrats, ColgateWHockey!  Sooo proud.
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Incredible season!!!

Is it over?

Four autobids and four at large. Colgate came in ranked #7. #8 team lost. #6 team lost to unranked team.

One unranked team getting autobid.

Colgate #9 pairwise.

Is the 8th spot between BU and Colgate at this point?

Everything I know about women's college hockey is contained in the post, but does Colgate have a shot if BC blows out BU?

The PWR shows that it's likely for Northeastern, Princeton, Clarkson or Qpac, and Bemidji to get the at-large bids.  Had we beaten Clarkson and lost to Qpac, it likely would have been us over Bemidji.  It has nothing to do with national polls, it's all about the PWR.

Bemidji State (#8 PWR) and Princeton (#7 PWR) didn't even make it to their quarterfinal tournaments but are still ahead of us in the PWR.  Colgate is the infamous bubble team this morning on the outside looking in, which is devastating.

This is why it is important to have a strong schedule and beat ranked teams, esp. out of conference.
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WHOC Asst Coach Josh Ciba gets the head job at Union

WHOC Asst Coach Josh Ciba gets the head job at Union

A significant loss and a symbol of the respect that this year's WHOC success is regarded as the "real thing." Undoubtedly Josh will be hard to replace. But the prospects for this young team and the WHOC program with the new arena should be a significant lure to quality assistants throughout North America.

Stay tuned !

Women now 6th in USCHO poll.
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Quinnipiac is the only ECAC team ahead of 'Gate in the national polls

Two games vs Cuse on the horizon.  Great start to the season, winning the games that need to be won.  But the tougher competition lies ahead and 50% of those games against ranked teams need to be won to help with the PWR down the road.  These early season games can be misleading.  The day that Colgate competes well against Minnesota and BC - and wins - will be worth writing about!  Couldn't be happier for Fargo and the program.  It's been a long journey.

Congrats to Union for firing their pathetic coach last season and winning 2 games, wow!  Wish we would do that with Field Hockey, for the love of God.  It borders on selfishness for a coach to stay in a position she continues to beat into the ground.  No idea how she gets recruits and motivates these amazing girls to play!
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#5 in National Poll; Syracuse series this coming weekend!

The Raiders continue to climb! Up to #5 in the country in the latest @USCHO Division I Women's Poll, the highest ranking in program history!
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WHOC ( 5-0 ) 3 'Cuse 2 in Syracuse; Meet in Hammy Sat

Admittedly, there's bigger fish down the road,...but this WHOC team's growing MO in the context of the new arena is a classic story for Gate athletic history.

Nice have announcers for women's hockey, but the two Syracuse based  announcers who did Saturday's game were as bad as it gets in that they were not only way over the top but didn't know the game. Maybe basketball or soccer is their usual gig, but they didn't even realize there was OT in hockey...
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Colgate 2 Cuse 2

Tie: Colgate 2 Syracuse 2: Gate WHOC remains undefeated; .....on to the Capital District next weekend for games against Union and RPI.
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Big Red @ WHOC (7-0-1) Tues 7PM;sweep of Union, RPI

First significant test for WHOC against Cornell in Hammy on Tues.

This thread documents the amazing turnaround of WHOC in 2015-17.
Coupled with unveiling of the Class of '65 Arena home for WHOC, Greg Fargo's leadership of this program to national prominence within 4 years  is unparalleled in Gate athletic history.

( 10-28 beat Union 2-0; 10-29 beat RPI 4-1 )

Stay tuned!

Very happy for the success of the program, long overdue and trending in the right direction.  Several one-goal wins and come-from-behind moments that will not favor us against ranked teams, but we'll see.  We had a great run last year but hope to make it last.  Cornell came out of nowhere, had a string of success, and followed it up with nothing.
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#6/7 WHOC (8-0-1) 2 Cornell 1; RIT home&home this wkend

Cornell kept Gate on the defensive and looked like the better team until the middle of the 3rd quarter when Gate came from an 0-1 deficit to win the game with two goals.

NOTE: Why all the fuss ? It's only WHOC !

Gate's schedule beginning in January 2017 is much tougher than it is through December 2016. Cornell was a significant challenge. However, only the road trip to Q'Pac & Princeton Nov 18-19 stands out for potentially undoing Gate's national ranking before year's end. ( Assuming the Gate ladies maintain their intensity and win the ones they should! )

However, in the season's long run. Gate's national ranking may prove to have been deceptive. Although the Big Red was a challenge, Cornell is probably not as good as Q'Pac/Princeton and Clarkson/St. Lawrence. Two encounters with each of the latter "North Country" teams as well as a handful of other tough games come after January 1.

The first half of the season may be a great opportunity for Gate's WHOC to continue to get better and grow their confidence before encountering the tougher competition on their schedule. Alternatively, their success/national ranking in the first half could prove to be a big sucker punch.

Either way,  this program's change in trajectory from its recent years is paving a path away from its lingering karma ( 2013-14, 10-22-2 and 2014-15, 7-25-2 ). Placed within the context of the unveiling of the Class of '65 Arena, the 15-16, 16-17 and 17-18 seasons have the potential to propel Colgate's WHOC to national significance, uptick its recruiting and leave a program turnaround legacy in Gate athletic history.  

Favoring this optimistic multi-year scenario is the team's talent  concentration in their disproportionately larger Sophomore and Junior classes. With only 3 seniors, this year's team will essentially be the same next year. They'll have an additional shot at reaching their goals in the 2017-18 season before a 2 year recruiting cash-in manifests itself, with the classes of 2022 and 2023.  For these and other reasons, this season should prove to be very interesting and significant.

Stay tuned !

Combined record of Colgate's opponents is 15-31-2; we're about to play 1-9 RIT twice, which will likely boost that to 15-42-2.  Colgate is good and eeked out a tenacious win over a decent Cornell team, but we've still got a way to go.  Agree with most sentiments from the article below, but nice to see success for the program, regardless.

Posted 11/2  on USCHO:

Colgate is very intriguing with the depth of offensive potential on its roster, but for the most part, that offense is still more promise than it is a proven commodity. None of the Raiders have reached 50 points in their career, although Breanne Wilson-Bennett is on the brink of doing so and as many as four others could join her before we’ve exhausted 2016. Colgate hasn’t had a defining moment yet in its season because the level of competition hasn’t been what the Raiders will soon face. They’ve come through thus far with the only blemish being a tie versus Syracuse. Their biggest weekend to date will come when the Raiders visit Princeton and Quinnipiac the third weekend of November.
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Gate WHOC: Following the Program 3 yr. turnaround

( I've modified the name of this thread to reflect the potential bigger story unfolding before our very eyes. )


WHOC 3-0-0, 10-0-1, faces its toughest competition of this season in the next two weekends as it faces Yale 2-1-1, 4-1-1   (and Brown 1-3-0, 3-3-0  ) at home, Nov 11 & 12  and on Nov 18 & 19, Princeton 1-2-1, 3-2-1  and Q'pac 2-2-0, 7-4-1 on the road. As expected Gate swept a weak RIT this past weekend to remain unbeaten, thereby securing #5 in the USCHO national poll this week. St Lawrence and Clarkson are looming as the studs of the ECAC so far this season, after each swept Princeton and Q'pac, on the road this past weekend. Princeton and Yale are also teams to respect, having played to a tie at Yale the week before. Unlike last year, Gate is not likely to sneak up on any of its opponents this year no matter how good the opponents' records are.

Although the WHOC historical record book is available to all, I think it's fun to speculate how, underlyingy this team's week-to-week progress, a narrative is developing: a "three year program performance/culture transformation."

To begin with, this team is dominated by talented and disproportionately large sophomore and junior classes. I could easily dismiss the weakness of the schedule so far this season as the reason for this group's continued success. After all, healthy skepticism is better than rank "homerism" for sharing our collective understanding of this team and program.  But, it's more fun for me to envision by season's end, that this team equals or exceeds its 2015-16 breakout season (22-9-1 ECACH 12-5-5).  Yet even then, the two seasons' success might be dismissed as performance aberrations. Especially considering how many dismal seasons there have been, interrupted only by an occasional one or two year blip ........  2014-15, 7-25-2,.... 2013-14, 10-22-2, .....etc. etc.....But, the change in the program's culture is another part of this developing narrative.

Moving forward, consider the continuity.  The 2017-18 season lineups will be derived from a more-experienced-almost-carbon-copiy of the 2015-16 and 2016-17 teams. There should only be three freshman recruits replacing 2017 graduates.. ( Senior Captain Cat Quirion will be missed. ) That core player experience and culture could lead to a season performance similar to the two preceding seasons. All the while, the Class of '65 facility will have become as significant as this break-out performance for defining the program's culture and its broadening appeal to top recruits. The arena by itself might be a game-changer in transforming the culture of many programs. Is it then far-fetched to imagine that Gate WHOC could enter a sweetspot of recruit reloading as the current juniors ('18 ) and sophomores ('19 ) matriculate ? Obviously there are many contingencies between now and then. I don't want to get ahead of this story for fear of jinxing it. This fantasy is justified simply because the potential of these pieces coming together distinguishes it from any other Colgate athletic programs. My perspective is informed by decades of following Gate athletic programs from year to year. Do you have any better examples to share ?

I do enjoy watching this team progress from week-to-week. But, the elements of a potential program transformation of this magnitude don't come along that often. I hope more alums start to take notice and enjoy the ride, wherever it might lead.

On the men's side the only thing close in terms of swiftness and having a lasting effect that I can recall is the upsurge in Men's Lax with the arrival of Coach Nagle and the good players he recruited including first Brandon Corp and Peter Baum shortly thereafter, but that took longer and the team's annual winning ways seem to be sliding under the new coach and several seasons of less than stellar recruiting. The basketball teams including Adonal Foyle don't count as the program regressed again as soon as he graduated. Football also has had some limited success but each great year seems to be followed by a substantially less great one like 2016...With the recently announced changes in Field hockey I'm hoping for the hiring of a young hungry coach that can breathe some fresh air into that program as well....

There comes a time when the team has to put up or shut up, so to speak, meaning...put your money where your record is.  The obviously weak preseason schedule for the women's team gives reason for hope AND skepticism.  Our truest test against a decent Cornell team barely ended in our favor.  But as we all know, good teams know how to win, regardless...that, and there are 60 minutes in hockey for a reason!  For now, we are winning the games we are expected to win, and that is all you can ask for.  That builds morale and momentum, which breeds success.  Fargo has a great attitude and strategy.  He also seems to appreciate Colgate, so what more is there?  (I'll answer my own question: continued talent with recruits).

I worry about maintaining success.  Cornell had its run for a few seasons, but they are off the radar again.  Clarkson has maintained some good success since its national championship.  However, the true dynasty in the making appears to be at Qpac for both men's and women's teams.  How are they able to sustain it, year in and year out?  They remind me of Clarkson, SLU, Union and RPI...a school where its hockey team is revered as its crowned jewel = $$$ for the school.

The ECAC women as a whole is truly impressive and continues to rise on a national scale every year.  There are 5 teams currently in the Top 10, wow.

The men's teams have had success by making it to Lake Placid but with no hardware to show for it.  Here's hoping our next ECAC championship comes sooner rather than later.
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Communication with Greg Fargo, WHOC Head Coach

I shared my recent post ( above ) with Greg Fargo, WHOC Head Coach ( potential "Three year Program performance/culture transformation." )

Although I'm not expecting a dynasty, I want to express my support and enthusiasm. What a joy for everybody! I also want him him to know that there is an appreciation beyond campus of the unique opportunity unfolding. Turning anything "around" is difficult.  This confluence of elements of opportunity is as rare in every endeavor, as it is in a college sports program. Enjoy it.

I shared links to the Colgate Sports Fan Forum with Greg.


Greg Fargo
Nov 7 (4 days ago)

to me, Sophie, Stefan

Thanks a lot for taking notice of our hockey program and for the constant support. The Colgate community has really rallied around our program in the past two years, it's fantastic for our players and coaches to feel this support and we appreciate every bit of it...We hope to continue to make everyone proud moving forward.

Thanks again, go 'gate!


Was at the game tonight, our shots on goal advantage is misleading... a lot of those shots were from outside with nobody in the crease, easy stops for their goalie.  We pressed them hard early but gave up a couple of breakaways being too aggressive offensively, then Yale dominated from mid-second through the first few minutes of the third.  Really nice plays by Eldridge on the tying goal and Quirion for the winner... and Eldridge took a shorthanded slapper that went off the crossbar that was the best shot by a woman that I've seen.  Fun game and a good crowd... then down to Rusch's to watch the men get the win in New Haven.  A Yale sweep!

Shots misleading vs. the Bears today, too.  Strange set-up to the power plays IMO and too few shots.  Create a screen and shoot through traffic; they relied on doorstep plays.  The team skated well and took away many pucks, great tenacity in these players.  Next weekend looms large but for now, we're 12-0-1!

Great setup for the game yesterday, with football at 1 & hockey at 3, once football closed out the Leopards it was a very short stroll next door to catch the last half of the hockey.  While Yale was competitive, Brown was not... looked like an extended power play, their goalie got a workout.  Was chatting with #6 Shelby Perry's dad when she got our 3rd goal, fun to experience it with him.  On to Princeton!

Also did the FB/Hockey doubleheader. Got to schedule these in the future as well. Amazing to see the talent on this hockey team. My first look. Very impressive. To think a few years ago this was a club #5 nationally. Whew!

I thought we played to take shots from bad angles most of the time, or shots through heavy traffic out front. Not sure what the solution is, but with this much talent I'm sure they can overpower most teams. That #61 can really skate.   Cool
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WHOC ( 5-0-0, 12-0-1, #5 USCHO ) faces the toughest competition it has faced this season in the coming weekend @ Princeton  ( 2-3-1, 4-3-1, USCHO votes ) and @ Q’pac ( 4-2-0, 9-4-1, # 8 USCHO ). There couldn't be any result this weekend that would surprise me because the level of competition that Gate has faced so far this year.  On paper, Q’pac, with more impressive competition and with more games under its belt than late-starting-Ivy Princeton should be the tougher game. Q'pac lost and tied @ BC ( 9-3-1, # 6 USCHO ) lost @ Mercyhurst ( 2-12-0 ) and got swept at home by St. Lawrence and Clarkson. Princeton, despite their record, will also be a challenge. The Tigers have already been swept at home by St. Lawrence and Clarkson, tied @ Yale and lost @Dartmouth last weekend. They should be pissed and hungry!

Regardless of the outcome this week, Gate is highly likely to record its best half season ever, which will include the other 4 games remaining in 2016 after this weekend. They will have played 19 games so far in the 2016 fall, which will be followed by 15 much tougher games in winter 2017.

The level of competition starting in January is so much stiffer that it might reveal a Gate team much different than the one to which we’ve become accustomed. In 15 games, they’ll have 4 games against the current ECAC studs St. Lawrence ( 6-0-0, 11-0-1, # 4 USCHO ) and Clarkson (6-0-0, 10-3-1, # 7 USCHO ). The tough games in the second half also include home games with Princeton and, Q’pac and away games with Cornell and Yale. Gate should easily handle the remaining 7, @home and road games, including a 2 game trip to o.o.c. St. Cloud State in Minnesota. "Easiiy handle," if their first-half pattern continues: consistently winning the ones that they should.

There are many ways for fans to fantasize about what will constitute success for this team and program by the end of the season.  As I've stated in another post, my optimum outcome will facilitate a transition into a new long lasting winning culture for the Program. This will require, after the 2016-17 season another outlying performance year in 2017-18, leading to a tradition of re-loading talent in 2018-19 and continuing to regularly attract top WHOC student-athletes in the 2019-20 seasons and beyond. I'd really love to see a change from Colgate Athletics star dominated one year wonder-teams that drift back into mediocrity, when a star departs. Too often good seasons at Colgate don't capitalaize on culture change and recruiting uptick opportunities. The breadth of talent on this team, especially in the Sophomore and Junior classes is too broad and the Arena too much of a game changer to let that happen once again.

As stated, my fantasy requires that the entire team, led by the current Juniors and Sophomores continue to get better, starting this weekend, adapting to tougher competition and finding ways to win against tougher competition into the 2nd half of this year. For me, creating a culture and tradition of competing year-in-and-year-out in the upper echelon of the ECAC within the Class of 65 Arena trumps a one year ECAC championship or championship game.

There is however another fantasy option for fans. Given the strength of the ECAC so far this year,.... just surpassing last year's tournament #4 seed with a 2017 #3 or better seed might land Gate in the NCAA dance.  At this point, it seems, the way to achieve either fantasy necessitates Gate forcing Yale, Princeton and Cornell into higher seeds by season's end. And doing a little bit better than splitting with St. L., Q'pac and Clarkson. 

In any event, this coming weekend will give us an idea whether this team will be capable of clawing its way into the top 3 or 4 in the league as the competion stiffens through the 2nd half of the season. As exciting as it’s been so far, we really have no evidence that either fantasy outcome is in the cards for this team.


Getting thumped by Princeton 5-0 and it's only the middle of the 2nd period.  It's only 1 game but it was predictable and is very telling of what many have been preaching.  Our best just isn't good enough, but a winning season is always welcomed!

Reality rears its ugly head. No. 5 in the country just seemed to make no sense but we are a good team. Defense which has been our strength totally failed us tonight and unfortunately our offense which has been almost non existent all year again let us down. After the start we had it was inevitable, I just hope this is not an omen of what is to come as we get into the meat of the ECAC season. When we barely beat a very average SU team early in the season it was apparent we couldn't deal with physical teams. Princeton totally kicked our butts all over the ice tonight...we have to figure that out before we play St. Lawrence, Quinnipiac and Clarkson or it could be a rugged 2nd half of the season...I think Coach Fargo can do it...Go Gate...

There is no denying the team's progress; most would kill to be in our shoes.  But there are still hurdles to climb that SLU, Clarkson & Qpac have overcome years ago.  Just don't get what the draw to those schools would be over Colgate, but Fargo has us on the right path.  Am doubtful we will beat any ranked team, but the strength of the ECAC as a dominant conference (who knew?!) will only prepare Colgate for battle down the road.  Hopefully sooner rather than later we'll get our first women's banner.
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With Princeton losing to Dartmouth last week, it was not surprising that they were pissed and ready. But, will the dominance by Princeton and Gate's humiliation at the size of the loss piss them off enough to fight against Q'pac, which was tied by the Big Red tonight ?

Numbers after the names: ECAC points, ECAC Record, Overall Record

1 St. Lawrence 14 7-0-0 12-0-1 Clarkson  14 7-0-0 11-3-1
3 Colgate        10 5-1-0 12-1-1
4 Quinnipiac         9 4-2-1 9-4-2
5 Cornell         7 3-2-1 5-2-1   Prin    7 3-3-1 5-3-1
7 Yale                 5 2-4-1 4-4-1

We were outshot 35-22; Pton's Lund had a hat trick and the Tigers scored on a pshot.  We were outmatched in every way and played desperate hockey.  VanDyk couldn't keep us in the game and she has to be our best defense, but her numbers this season aren't stellar IMO.  If you don't take shots, they won't go in.  Colgate is slower and passive, esp. on the power play, but we did score a pp goal and special teams is strong.

Not surprised Cornell tied Qpac; we barely beat the Big Red and am not sure we could do it again.  Two evenly matched teams.  Qpac is the veteran program and should prevail.  No doubt we will have a sour taste in our mouths today, which we knew would happen eventually.  We will never have a beginning to a season like we have this year and its been nice to enjoy.  However, I think the polls have been skeptical for a very good reason; our competition was weak and our record misleading but solid nonetheless.  Here's hoping for a split on the road.
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Will "winning the ones you should" be enough ?

"......Will "winning the ones you should" be enough ?...."

This is the question we're asking ourselves about WHOC's destiny, fresh off a sweep of lackluster Mercyhurst and preparing to take on Dartmouth ( 1-4-0, 1-5-0 ) & Harvard ( 1-4-0, 1-8-0 ) in Hammy this coming weekend ? A sweep this weekend will make Gate 16-2-1 going into the break. A great accomplishment for any team. But, for those of us who have watched Gate struggle through W's over Cornell and Yale at home and watched them suffer a weekend sweep on the road at Princeton and Q'pac, unbridled optimism doesn't seem appropriate.

As mentioned above, we most assuredly will be experiencing the tale of two different half seasons rolled into the whole. One scenario has it that, if Gate only wins the 7 remaining "games that it should" and loses all of the remaining 8 tough contests  ( in Hammy and on the road ), it ends up with a record of 23-10-2. ( That includes getting swept by Clarkson and St. Lawrence in all 4 games, losing to Princeton and Q'pac in Hammy and losses to Yale and Cornell on the road. ) This would still exceed the wins in last year's record 2015-16 season  (22-9-1 ECACH 12-5-5). And, from a Gate WHOC historical perspective, it would probably be enough for a decent seed in the tourney. The 16 wins in half a season, however, would become a record that will probably last a long time.

Obviously, those of us who have been following the turnaround, from the beginning, want more. ( If for no other reason, it confirms the prescience we demonstrated, by lucking into this turnaround. ) First things first: "winning the ones you should" by continuing the trend with Dartmouth and Harvard this weekend represents a tendency that should be appreciated and reinforced. Continuing that consistency throughout the second half of the season isn't asking too much....but, it will be challenging.  Most likely, that would give us the luxury of only having to win a "couple-ish" ( 2 to 4 ? ) of the remaining big ( 8 ) games to end up in the mix for at least a #4 seed come tourney time. I'll try to nuance this approach as we move into other games in the second half.  Right now, St Lawrence and Clarkson appear to be in a class by themselves as favorites for the #1 and # 2 tourney seeds. Q'pac is tough, but not a lock for # 3. Yale, Cornell and Princeton should be "players" throughout the remainder of the season. Gate's first half performance entitles it to very little beyond being set up nicely to continue winning "the ones it should"  and have a chance to compete for a good seed.  One step at a time.........Stay tuned !!

I appreciate your cautious optimism about this years team.  Note, last year the team had many more tie games which this team seems to have overcome.  Thus my greatest concern is the depth at goal tending.  We seem to give up a lot of early goals which is disturbing and will become an issue if it continues.

Colgate should be very concerned this weekend.  Harvard has been on the wrong end of the stick this season, but could be a threat.  A look at their record at 1-8 is only half of the story and this is not necessarily a "winning the ones you should" contest.  Six of their 9 losses were against Top-10 teams.  Three of them were by 1 goal.  Four of their losses were in OT.  I'd argue if there is a game Harvard could win, it would be this one.  We may have a bit more offense - and better defense - against Dartmouth.  We'll see.

Our slowness out of the gate has become a cliche.  Football had its own cliche every 3rd Qtr!

Women win another squeaker...this time over Dartmouth.  Can't quite figure it out but something is still missing with this team.  They seem to be taking shots but need more from the perimeter with a deflection in front.  Also, many passes through the crease with nobody on the other side to put it home!  Glad to see they scored first today and held the lead.

Goal differential is telling:
Clarkson 46-13
SLU 30-5
Qpac 27-12
Colgate 20-16

We're barely generating enough offense to outperform our defense.  It's been a great season but it feels like the road ahead is long and ominous.
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ACT I: 15-2-2, 6-2-1, # 7, #4,.. ACT II The Gauntlet looms

WHY THE FUSS OVER THIS PROGRAM ?....ACT I: 15-2-2, 6-2-1, # 7, #4,.. ACT II The Gauntlet looms

ACT I is often the "set-up" in theatre, before the "twist" is introduced in subsequent acts. The anticipation of this kind of transition in the WHOC season have expectations bubbling to the surface, certainly from me and I imagine from the other posters who have watched this team evolve over a year:  go'gate, 60salum, Oldtimer, bluefish, CR (colorless raider), Gate '83, the Future, Zappa and the nameless poster voyeurs.

To end the 2016 part of the season ( ACT I ) WHOC came away with an unimpressive 3 pt weekend at home: a listless win against Dartmouth and an up-down-up tie with Harvard. Remaining tied at #4 with Cornell (13 pts., 6-2-1. 15-2-2 ) in conference standing heading into the break, leaves little reason to do victory laps on their Colgate record-breaking Ist ACT of the 2016-17 season. For me, the variability of WHOC's performance against different teams and the soft schedule creates uncertainty about expectations in the upcoming ACT II,  a gauntlet starting in January.

The WHOC ladies will have one weekend, Jan 6-7 ( @St Cloud State 5-12-1, #21 Pairwise ) to shake off the holiday cobwebs before entering what could be their toughest and most-season defining two weeks of competition for 2016-17: Q'Pac & Princeton @ home on Jan 13 & 14, @ Cornell in Ithaca on Jan 17 and the North Country, @ St Lawrence & Clarkson Jan. 20 & 21. The following weekend completes January's schedule against Harvard and Dartmouth on the road. Don't expect those matchups to provide much relief from the unaccustomed week-to-week pressure.

Suffice it to say, it's unrealistic to expect that WHOC will have only two losses and two ties on their 2016-17 record by the end of January. I'd guess that the minimal points they'll need to be within shot of the #4 seed through the end of January is 7 of the possible 14. The only outcome that I can't accept in ACT II is WHOC caving under the pressure of 6 teams ( Clarkson, St. Lawrence, Q'pac, Cornell, Princeton and Yale ) breathing down their necks week-in-and-week-out for precious tourney seeds.. I'd be surprised if Greg Fatgo hasn't been in the ladies' faces as the season has progressed, arguing that scheduling may have thrown them a false sense of security in ACT I.
( Having all 4 North Country games in the 2nd half of the season has distorted both Colgate's and Cornell's record so far this season.)

Why the fuss ?.....We should all remember the status of this program when Scott Wiley was canned ( 2003-2013, 137-174-34 .446 % ). Keep in mind that the ECAC Women's Conference is arguably the best in the country. There's more at stake here than one WHOC season. From my perspective, the drama being set up offers a couple of acceptable outcomes that can propel what should be a multiyear turnaround of WHOC into a perennial niche impacting the entire athletic program. For a young team with a bright future, fighting to the end of the season is the highest priority, regardless of where they end up in the standings. Nearly this entire team will be back next year. Fighting through the end of the year to be in the tourney mix builds the momentum for WHOC to continue improving next year on its way to becoming a perennial upper echelon ECAC program. This is potentially one of the most impressive multiyear turnarounds of an athletic program in Colgate athletic history, ever!! And the new arena leverages this opportunity even further.

Vicky's recent h.c. personnel changes demonstrate, in different ways, the kind of culture she's striving to develop: a commitment to excellence accompanied by a strategy to minimize perennial underperformance in any program. This example of a full blown turnaround of what was a moribund WHOC program is a great symbol that can propel Vicky's fromula further. Exhibit A: a breathing home-grown model of a turnaround of a "left to die" athletic team. These are rare. And Gate fans have certainly seen their fair share of one-year-wonder teams. This will be a priceless example for the other athletic programs to emulate. WBB and FH in particular find themselves in the aftermath territory reminiscent of Wiley's departure in 2013. I can't emphasize enough the significance of the youth-core of this team being around for building a record-culture-tradition befitting this new arena- an elite athletic program in the toughest conference in the country. Building a sustainable program of success trumps everything for me as long as the ladies keep fighting with their all and working to get better every game. And fighting through much tougher completion, come January, without the benefit of sneaking up on anybody is this team's next challenge to get there. If they're successful, it will contribute to building this program's new swagger, will become a boon to 'gate's athletic culture and a magnet for future recruits.
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#8 Gate, post 1 pt wkend enters season defining gauntlet

Between Jan 13 and Jan 21, Gate will play Q'pac and Princeton at home and Cornell, St. Lawrence and Clarkson on the road. We'll soon find out just how good this team is ?

That will be a tough stretch. For the most part the team has been beating the teams it should. It will be interesting to see who is in goal going forward as I wasn't able to decipher if Van Dyke had a bad game on Friday night and Auby a great game Sunday or what. Given St.Cloud's record going in it seems we should at least have split...but then you play the game...

Oldtimer wrote:
Given St.Cloud's record going in it seems we should at least have split...but then you play the game...

What a forgettable weekend.  This Colgate team is overrated, but would rather be 15-3 than 3-15, so no real complaints here.

My assessment is the D and goalie are generally  fine, we simply don't have anyone who can score against good teams. There is no special "go to" player who can make it happen. Against the good teams their defenses simply are able to control out better players. This game against Q was a good one and very even...we just couldn't  score regardless of how many shots we took which were a lot but like with the men almost always never on goal...Come on Gate! Forum Index -> Hockey Page 1, 2  Next
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