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Gate wins over teams from the ACC, SEC and A10 Sun. Aug. 28

VB beats Syracuse ( ACC ) 3-1                   15,224 undergraduate students

MSOC beats UMASS ( A10 ) 2-0                  22,252        "                "

WSOC beats LSU ( SEC ) 2-1                      25,572        "                "                

Not a bad Sunday afternoon, yes?

I had 3 thoughts when I read your post:

1- thanks for that!

2- when people sniff about and fret that Colgate sports ain't like they used to be, they might as well look at yesterdays results. Those are what we call facts on the ground. And they are testimony to the hard work and balance of academic and athletic challenges managed so well by Colgate student-athletes, coaches and the administration -
across the board.

3- and about the future. It's obviously promising and sets up these programs on the right track for the season - Patriot League and otherwise!

Colgate occupies a unique niche among the nation's liberal arts colleges which is a great source of pride for those who know those facts on the ground.

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