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Holy Cross game

Our guards were excellent, especially Tillotson.  We are very weak in the middle.  Many,many missed chippees by the big men.  We were up by nine at half, but blew it in the second half.  HC played a trapping defense late in the second half which really bothered us.  We also committed too many fouls.  Onward and upward.  Langel is doing a great job with this young team.
Gate Raider

At the half I thought they were going to win.  A couple of missed lay ups by guys standing right under the basket, a couple of bad passes, so frustrating.  Could easily have been a win.  Team is looking pretty good and I bet few expected it.  Beat Navy.

Tough loss at HC. That said, I'm happy with the direction in which this young team is going. I'll be happier with at least a middle of the pack PL finish this year. I'll be absolutely ecstatic if the coaching staff puts every big man on a weight program during the off season and each guy returns with 20-30 lbs of good weight. Beat Navy! Forum Index -> Basketball
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