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Holy Cross

Game notes are up... even after the week off, Holland not listed.  Wonder if he's a redshirt candidate at this point?  On the flip side, the HC notes are up as well and their all-league QB Pujals is not listed either.  I'm guessing that's a trade-off we'll take.

For those who don't read Any Given Saturday, lots of complaints from the Cross faithful about their recent history & calls for their coach to be fired.  Here's to hoping we shovel some dirt on him Saturday!
the last indian

Sure, but I'd prefer that they keep Gilmore. I'd hate to see them get a great coach.  It was mentioned that Peter Pujulos might take a red shirt.  They struggle without him, but we can not afford to overlook anyone.
The Future

Holland and Castillo not listed. Diaco also not listed. Anybody know how bad his injury is?

Linebacker Kushner now listed as #2 fullback.

Holland has played in three games. The medical redshirt rule is that you can't have played in more than 30% of games or three contests and must have happened in the first half of the season.

3rd quarter still seems to be the problem for 'gate. Since the Yale game, Colgate has been outscored 66-14 in the 3rd.

Really hope they are able to find an 11th game next year--even a second FBS team to start the season. The two bye weeks are a bummer. Hopefully Colgate finishes strong and gets a little bit of help from Fordham and can get an 11th. 12th, 13th, 14th game this year.

Go 'gate!!!

Diaco out for the year. Don't know about Holland.  Need Matthews to rotate with Keyon.
The Future

That's a bummer about Diaco. That kid looks really good to me. Hope he's able to come back at full strength.

Think Keyon and ATM are getting better with more reps--both looked really good against Bucknell. Holland is so good at twisting for two yards when they need to pick up one. That seems like the part of Colgate's offense that you really need to go--being able to run it on 3rd and 2 when they expect you to run it.

Gilmore was given a 3-year contract extension in Dec. 2014.  I have commented ever since that it was baffling.

I have said the same about Frank Tavani at Lafayette.  Until this year, Andy Coen at Lehigh was not too popular, either.

Guys/gals on the AGS board are particularly hard on Gilmore, Tavani not so much. Coen is the Golden Boy right now. Got to hope Poujols is out; he can light up the scoreboard if he gets loose. Not having Holland is like not having the weapon we need in short yardage situations....but you know that.

I dunno, the Tavani lynching squad seems pretty widespread among Laffy alums, one of whom started a thread today on AGS about coaches on the hot seat.  HC has one very vocal alum who seems like a crowd all by himself!  

Meanwhile the weather is looking cold & potentially rainy, good signs I think for the way we play.  If it ends up in a trench war I very much like our chances...
The Future

Hunt just sent out a really good letter. Great to hear that they are redoing the locker room and putting down new turf. Hopefully the locker room is as nice as what they have in the '65.

He did mention that Holland and Diaco are out for the year. Seems like that means having Holland for two more years. Hope he is able to get back to full strength.

Huge game against HC. Colgate's season and (probably) Gilmore's job at stake.

Go 'gate!!!

Is Hunt's letter posted anywhere or accessible by season ticket holders?

Go, here's Hunt's letter:

Dear Supporters of Colgate Football:

It is getting late in October, and we entered our bye week at 2-4 and 1-1 in the conference. There is no doubt that either record is what we want it to be. Regardless of that, this is where we are. I will say that the attitude and work ethic of this team has not changed no matter what the outcome of the previous week was. We have played well at times in every game. We have just had times, particularly in the second half, that we have let leads get away. We are not making a ton of mistakes, or playing sloppy, we just are not making plays that we made in the first half. In particular, the third quarter has been rough to us, starting at #6 Richmond, we were tied at the half, and fell behind by 21 in the third. This team fought back in the fourth and we had the ball with a chance to tie with two minutes to go. Then we lost to Cornell by doing the same thing. We jumped out to a big lead, and then slowly lost ground in the second half, ultimately losing 39-38. Then we lost a halftime lead at Lehigh the following week to lose our third in a row.

We put in a great effort against a tough Bucknell club. They were the #1 defense in the conference, so we knew that points were going to be at a premium. We were able to rush for over 200 yards, the defense played great all game, and we got back on track for a 27-7 win. That win keeps us alive in the Patriot League race. You can win the league with one loss, but a second pretty much eliminates you.

Our bye week came at a good time. We have battled many injuries at this point in the season. We have lost starting running back James Holland for the year after an injury he suffered against Richmond. We lost tight end Nick Diaco, also for the season. All in all we have played the last four games missing time from seven starters. We were very banged up after the Bucknell game and have been working hard to get healthy and extra prepared for our game against Holy Cross this weekend. This will be only our second home game of the season on October 29. This four game stretch of league games is absolutely critical for us.

Alumni, families, and friends of Colgate Football are invited to gather at the New York Yacht Club Friday, November 4 for a reception and conversation. The evening will include a brief program, silent auction and brief remarks from Daniel B. Hurwitz '86, P'17, P'20, Chair, Colgate Board of Trustees. To attend, register HERE.

For those who are attending the Colgate-Fordham game November 5, the Alumni Relations team coordinates great Colgate tailgates at away games. To attend the Colgate tailgate at Fordham, register HERE.

In other news, it was announced by the Board of Trustees that there will be some exciting projects involving the enhancement of the football facilities. We will be replacing the playing surface of Crown Field at Andy Kerr Stadium. As someone who is on it every day, and who has visited many other stadiums, I can tell you 100% that this is the perfect time to make this move. Player safety is at the forefront of all we do, and this project shows that.

We also will begin work on the renovation of the football locker room and the renovation of the bowling alley into a brand new academic enhancement center for student-athletes. In the "arms race" that is recruiting, you have to stay current and modern. These projects will be a game changer in our program, and I thank all people involved with funding this project as we move forward with it. I especially would like to thank Brion Applegate '76. Without him, this project would not be happening. Brion is the true definition of a supporter of the program. Obviously, he is a great financial supporter of Colgate Football, but he also is one of the most supportive, positive, uplifting people I have ever met. Win or lose, his message of support and encouragement never changes. Nothing I can write here can express the gratitude I have for my friend, Brion Applegate.

That's about all from here. We are working hard to improve every game. That is our goal each week, to be better than the week before. We are preparing hard for Holy Cross and all of the challenges that lie ahead of us. I look forward to seeing where we are when the dust settles in November.

Until then, as always, thank you for all you do for Colgate Football, and do not hesitate to ask if there is anything we can ever do for you.

Go Gate!!

Dan Hunt, Fred '50 and Marilyn Dunlap Head Football Coach

Thanks for posting the letter.

Very humbling for a coach to address his team's losses.  I guess the turf has been around longer than I recall...I remember when it was installed (how long ago, I can't remember), but it always looks like it's in great shape, despite the relentless upstate NY weather.  Still dreaming of a new jumbotron.

With regard to updated facilities, has this been mentioned or posted anywhere?  Is there an article on the athletics website, or an advertisement, that requests donations for upgraded football facilities?  Are there renderings for it?  How can the public contribute if they don't even know about it?!  I must be missing something!  Where is the publicity?


I was just on campus for a few weeks and can confidently say that I have a lot of knowledge from coaches and players what they are doing at their sports. Of course, I attend most of the home athletic events and Coaches Nights at the Inn Thursday radio shows. Great places to catch up.

That said, I have only heard about the need to replace the turf at Andy Kerr (a look at the Athletics website's Inside Athletics, Facilities will show that the turf was installed in summer of 2007) from some maintenance people. The resurfacing of the tennis sorts, news to me, just sorta happened one Weds-Friday one week in early Oct.

The point is it is evidently not the intention or style of Vicky Chun and her group to use the Athletics website or any other medium to publicize plans to upgrade facilities. No one mentioned in passing the Reid renovations either, just as we do not know any plans for sure for the timing and turf and/or wood floor choices for any renovation of Starr Rink.

Maybe "they" don't want to engage with alumni and view this as a "major donor" - only matter? I mean, if they line up a major donor long term to do some big renovations a couple of years out, maybe "they" are content to hum along, focusing their attentions on him or her?

No, it doesn't suit me at all but then I am not going to have much influence on Vicky as things stand. Maybe if you ask you can get some information directly from Murray? That's the way things appear to me at this time...

I have tried to point out to Murray and his people the big marketing campaign on the Holy Cross athletics website re new and renovation of facilities there to the tune of close to $100 million. It's detailed and give credit to their lead donors. Not Colgate's style? Who knows. I personally think it makes the school appear inclusive to supporters. What's wrong with that?

I would welcome a discussion with President Casey on the subject. And in the meantime would thank Coach Hunt for doing this piece of marketing for the department.

Go 'gate!
The Future

It seems like a letter from Coach Hunt to football supporters about the locker room upgrades and new turf is different than Chun announcing plans for all of Reid/Starr. She gets one opportunity to present a vision to the Colgate community. Can't imagine work getting started until spring or summer, so I'm not sure if there is that much incentive to announce a relatively large project right now--especially on the heels of '65 when you run the risk of getting pushback that "all of the money is being spent on athletics, etc."

Football locker room

I agree with Future.  No need to work up the troops now especially since there is a major donor involved already.  Let's go and beat Holy Cross and move on.

Can't Colgate find a QB who can pass and a RB who can run????

Well, if you are asking for each ideal to be on the field simultaneously, that is tough.  But I'm not ashamed to toss out Tom Parr with Mark vanEeghen, Steve Calabria with Rich Erenberg, Ryan Vena with Randall Joseph, Chris Brown with Jamaal Branch, Greg Sullivan with Nate Eachus or Gavin McCarney with Jordan McCord.  (And if only we could manipulate time machines, how about Dave Goodwin with Jordan Scott) ??

I was referring to this team to this roster.  The defense played an exceptional game.  Melvin is a great running back, but can't throw a decent pass.  There seem to be no running backs that can move the ball. You would have thought with Colgate leading 26-0 with about 4 minutes to play that Coach Hunt would have sent in one of the 5 backup QB's to get some game experience.  Those QB's that you mentioned were all very good and could throw great passes.

The Future,

You expect work to get started this spring or summer on plans for Reid/Starr renovations? If you are right then we can expect to read something about the vision etc in a few months!

Let's hope so.

Go 'gate!

Looks like Lehigh will run away with the title this year.  Their offense is just too much, and their running game even surpassed Chase Edmonds.

Colgate shot themselves in the foot with red zone turnovers and failed red zone conversions.  Despite good defense, we kept HC in the game.  Would also argue that HC is not the toughest opponent we will face this year but they made us work for every inch.  Some amazing individual efforts for Colgate today.  Melville does not seem to have the same success running the ball but he eeked out a few crucial first downs.

Had Gilmore changed QBs after the half with their first possession (like he should have done IMO), Colgate could have lost.  At the start of the 4th Qtr, HCs first two drives doubled their total offense for the entire game and proved, once again, that we have no pass defense.

Go 'Gate
Beat Fordham
the last indian


Perhaps this is charitable, but the kids didn't look psyched up for this one.  That is a pretty poor Cross team and our guys probably thought they just had to show up. That is very nearly what they did. Very, very sloppy.  Melville didn't throw well, too many penalties and turnovers.  The defense saved our bacon.
To make a larger point, it seems that teams that were very good, returning lots of seniors the following year, disappoint. I remember the '04 team that had Jamal and others and that went to the finals, just didn't have it. We had lost some very good linemen, but had lots of skill guys back.
Similarly, this team was loaded, but the record is not what the kids or we fans had hoped for.  Losing to 'Cuse or Richmond isn't a problem, but losing to Cornell, with a big lead, it a huge disappointment. Maybe we were never going to beat Lehigh, but we left a number of opportunities on the field. I know that losing Holland really hurt, but we didn't run as well as I thought we would.  
Still some games to play and I'd like to see last year's team show up. Forum Index -> Football
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