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The Future

Interview with Coach Hunt

Like what he says about making the other team tackle and wearing them down. Also like how he is upfront with kids when recruiting and also as to what's expected of them and how they can contribute.

Lucky to have had this guy stick around for so many years.

It really was a phenomenal, in-depth interview.  His admiration for Colgate obviously extends beyond a paycheck.  Didn't know he had offers elsewhere during his tenure, at least that is what he eluded to.  He turns everything into a positive, even tiny, snowy Hamilton!

Hunt is a smart guy, a nice guy, and obviously after last season a successful guy. An interesting interview in which he had plenty of noteworthy things to say. He's a great representative for Colgate. My favorite quote: Colgate football is supported at the presidential level NOW. Good news if he feels that way! Forum Index -> Football
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