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John Quazza J-E-T-S!

Going to camp with my boys in green...

By the way, great to see you, Gate'83, your buddies and Coach Hunt last night at the Presidents' Club reception on the Intrepid in NYC. There were about 800 alumni attending. Wouldn't it be great to get a few hundred more on deck next year with membership numbers up?
Go 'gate!

Great to see you as well Steve.  Saw a pic of Quazza in Jet green on coach Hunt's FB feed, he looked good!
Gate Raider

Any news on Quazza's camp invite?

According to this ESPN story, only one guy from the minicamp got a contract & it wasn't Quazza.  Haven't seen anything else.  I did see Quazza graduate on Sunday though... and he looked great walking across the stage! Forum Index -> Football
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