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Game notes -

Hoping that we play the way we are capable.
the last indian

The Jake Melville Show

He was at his best. We will miss him and Maddaluna as well. Good win, tho in the 3rd QTR. I got jittery.

Some jitters early in the 3rd, defense calmed them down pretty quickly.  After the 2nd Laffy TD I think their O lost more yards to sacks than they gained.  Our O still looks disjointed, they'll go right down the field one series then spend two series looking like they've never met each other.  Guess that's the mark of a .500-ish team...

What a gorgeous day to watch a football game...guess that explains the decent crowd.  Some great defense on display today.  Win the toss, build a lead, and come out flat again and again after the half...and yet another game with another safety?!  Time to even the record and beat Georgetown.  Already putting together my Christmas list for next season.

Decent crowd? I was there and thought the turnout stank. Yes, it wasn't Homecoming or Family Weekend, but the tailgating parking lot had plenty of empty spaces. When called on to cheer the cheerleaders, there was no response. How come the marching band didn't show up?

I thought we were in a meltdown in the 3rd, but luckily got hold of things enough to give us the W. This is a .500 team at best, and that's taking it on faith that we'll beat Georgetown.

60s, I'd agree that the tailgate crowd was sparse... but was pleasantly surprised when I went into the game.  Crowd was nowhere near as thin as our games last November, where a team with a better record might have had 1,000 fans watching.  I don't buy the 4,000+ reported as official attendance, but whatever the number is was much better than last year.

Box score lists attendance at 4,895.  For a 3-5 team, I'd say that's pretty good for a mid-November turnout and a team that has no postseason.

At our final home game last year on on Nov. 21, we beat Bucknell to claim the PL title.  Attendance was a mere 2,970.

Going to the hockey game afterward was icing on the cake.  Could attendance have been more than the listed 563?  Since they do not collect tickets, how do they count, and when do they stop?  Many arrived late to the game so perhaps the attendance was even higher.

I was at the Bucknell game last year, in terms of bodies in the stands the official number is wildly overstated.  If you told me there were 1,000 people actually there I'd take the under.  

WHOC crowd was great I thought.  Visitors side was empty, but home side plus concourse was busy.  I'd hesitate to put a number on it, but much better than what I saw last year... whether that's because we've had some success, have a new rink or a combo of both I dunno.  But it was nice to see!

Tavani supposedly fired as head coach at Lafayette.  Have been surprised that they can't recruit better with their amazing facilities.  Guess we'll see what happens with men's ice hockey and our new digs...

Guess they kept him around for bragging rights after the 150th game vs. Lehigh at Yankee Stadium Wink

Wasn't aware that a new coach had been hired.  Sounds very qualified, not sure if any other PL coach also has NFL experience.  Good find for the Leopards and could really turn their program around. Forum Index -> Football
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