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Lehigh 11-5 over'gatr

Why?  Lost face off battle 16-4.  But we beat Lehigh on turnovers.  Ugh!

3rd year in a row with below par F/O guys. In 2018 we need to offer full schollie and job of his choice after graduation. Let's make it a priority

Lack of a FOGO was akiller for Lehigh last year. Cassesse went out ang got Gaffney a phenominal FO kid. FOGO last yr was well below 50%. Hell we rarely got to 30% on FOs.. LU a very young team majority are frosh and soph. Seems Loyola and Army are top 2 this year.

I enjoyed watching the game vs Hobart yesterday online. 'Gate won 13-6. Hobart is not a bad team at 2w and 3l and they beat Cornell 16-8. But then Cornell is 0-3...

Anyway, I hope that whatever adjustments we made that contributed to this success spark strong performances with the PL schedule. Boston is the team to beat.

Go 'gate,

BostonU - the newest PL member, btw - is 6-0 and has taken it to many of us.  I only see them getting bigger, better and more dominant as the largest PL member, leaving the rest of us behind.

The season looks to be much like women's hockey: (hopefully) beat those below you, lose to those above.  In other words, mediocrity again.

Cornell has had our number for decades.  Even their winless season poses a threat to us.  Nothing is a given.

I agree with Go"Gate but am not and never have been concerned with BU's size. Other than a few sports they are dominant in (and men's lax may be one of them) they seem equally matched with other Patriot League teams. The same goes for Loyola. Lax aside Loyola seems equal to all of us original members. Colgate, HC and Lafayette have always been the smallest PL teams compared to Army, Navy, American and Bucknell. BU lax is driven by their coach, recruiting and success from the get go...they never had any history to build upon. Forum Index -> Lacrosse
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