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LU vs Colgate


Points.  Lots of points.

Gate'83 wrote:
Points.  Lots of points.

Agreed. I see another high scoring game with 1 TD being the difference either way.

Last team with the ball wins....unless the turnover bug shows up!
Raider Archivist

Can our secondary handle Lehigh's passing ?

Looks like Tyler Castillo isn't available. Our secondary has seemed porous when we've given opposing qb's the time to go through their rotation without pressure. Does anyone know what our strategy is going to be that shores up the secondary ?

LCB 26 Cortney Mimms (5-10, 175, So.) 4 Abu Daramy (5-10, 185, Fr.)
SS 31 Christian Hardegree (5-11, 200, Sr.) 8 Ben Hunt (6-0, 185, So.)
FS 1 Joe Figueroa (5-10, 190, Sr.) 34 Alec Wisniewski (6-2, 200, So.)
RCB 21 Adam Bridgeforth (6-0, 190, Sr.) 4 Abu Daramy (5-10, 185, Fr.)

First off, that was the best Cornell team I've seen in years, the qb has an arm.
Secondly, I watched the game on Time Warner sports yest,  in the second half we rushed three down men and every play they were picked up. The qb had all the time in the world, now why did we do that ? We stopped their running game and let them throw for over 400 yards. Lehigh's second string qb passed for 4-500 yards last weekend, we have to change something or we're cooked. This can't continue, Pujols for Holy Cross will light us up also.
On the two fourth and ones  I think Holland would have made them, plus I think we made one of them but a bad spot by the ref. Then the tipped pass which could have been intercepted, it was going to be intercepted by the safety but the up db got his hand on it and right into the Cornell receiver's hands which he ran untouched into the endzone. That was the turning point.
I've been harping all year on how bad our db's are, we need to rush more than three and do some blitzes, too predictable. Wish I knew what is wrong with Holland.

Feel your pain about DBs. Dont see any PL 2ndarys as being very good.  Problem for DC is blitzes mandate some man to man in the 2ndary.even in a base zone scheme. Some Lehigh WR is on a single. Lehigh O has too many weapons. Gonna be a chess maych between DC and OC. If LU stays hot on O dont think what DC calls will make any difference. Key is for your DL to get the pressure.
Raider Archivist

Zappa and Rich,

I agree that Holland would have made the 3rd and 4th down 1-2 yard plays easily. He has all year, even against 'Cuse and Richmond. That would have kept drives alive. We need to win the time of possession game against Lehigh. Against Cornell, the passing 3 and out from inside our own 20 in the first half was gutsy, but very uncharacteristic of our approach to initiating sustained drives from coupling the read-option with diversified play action passing packages. It was rare that we couldn't get a drive going from there. But, again, with Holland, we could have mixed it up with the read option. Keyon played a good game, but he's more valuable as a complement to Holland, and doesn't have the timing with Jake that Holland has.  And Keyon doesn't have the initial power thrust and thrust forward of Holland's running.

We're capable of pressuring Lehigh's qb and cutting off their running game.
Can we do that for 60 minutes without giving up intermittent long strikes in the air from the Hawks ? Both teams know, with our DB's, Lehigh can do a lot of damage if we aren't constantly getting to their qb all game. If we get that presurre by making them one dimensional, get the breaks and advantages on turnovers and have exceptional play in all aspects of special teams, we can shut them down. ( Abu D. gets a couple of exceptional returns from kickoffs, with obviously many more opportunities for kickoff returns in this game. )

Lehigh is not better than Richmond. And hasn't played a schedule anything like Gate's, save a very weak Yale. And has not played against the D- front 7 that we have. I'm not convinced that they can't be disrupted if our D-7 really wants this game. The D-7 is potentially that good! The secondary will need that kind of help or they'll be picked apart.

You have instilled hope archivist !
The Future

Here's a breakdown from Lehigh Football Nation. Will be interesting to see is 66 and 22 are back today for Colgate.

Go 'gate!!!

We're up 17-14 at the half, but that LU TD just before the end of the half shouldn't have happened. Where is Holland? We could really use him in the 3rd and 4th Q. Gotta get more pressure on their QB.

Obviously, Coach Hunt loves that 3 man rush (prevent) defense.  It doesn't work!!!.  Aren't there any other running backs on the team. Washington does not get the job done. Holland could, but obviously he is not ready yet. Come on, Hunt, show a little versatility on both offense and defense. And let some other players try to contribute.

Ugh, slipping and sliding and a second half slump again... Crying or Very sad


Even though the game is out of reach, Coach, make sure that no backup QB gets any game experience!

Even though there are 5 Quarterbacks backing up Melville - you would think that one of them could throw a forward pass.  Melville make an exceptional running back!
the last indian


Well, I think some of the suggestions above are pretty dumb, but this was a terrible performance.  Play calling stunk. Why run the same play that didn't work over and over again?  After the first quarter, the play selection was overly conservative. When we passed, we had a shot, but we ran and ran. Holland is out and while I love Keyon he is not a big ball control back.
Defense: while I was very impressed with the tight coverage of LU's DB, ours were often in another zip code. They love the dink and dunk passing game and we gave it to them.  Please forget zone coverage, this is the second week that demonstrated it weakness.
I feel bad for these kids. They have worked hard and have as much talent as the Hawks do, but they were not put in a position to win the game.

A good summation of the game!

Expectations are hard to live up to.  With so many starting players returning this season and our run in the playoffs last year, there was reason to be optimistic.

Poor pass defense, especially to the sidelines, is the same as last season.  Running up the middle becomes predictable.  Colgate prides itself on 3rd/4th down conversions; this year they are a nightmare, especially in the red zone.  Melville has had a terrific career, but he feels off this season and is close to doubling the number of INTs he's had last year if he hasn't already.  Daramy hasn't really had a chance to show us much because Lehigh and especially Cornell always forced a touchback.  We have yet to kick it that deep and instead give everyone a chance to return the ball every time.  it hurt us today.

The entire season feels odd, perhaps due to an early bye week, a 10-game schedule, and only 1 home game for almost 2 months.  It doesn't boost my morale.  Playing for pride, for fun, and for a .500 season now.

Go 'Gate
Beat Bucknell

Unfortunately, that just about sums it up!!!
The Future

For sure a rough couple of weeks.

A few bright spots:
Cerra is a very good punter. Might be having the best season ever for a Colgate punter.

Kicking game is perfect on PAT's and FG's.

Diaco is a big time talent. The catch he made was incredibly athletic and the move he made after was impressive. Think you want to try to get that kid the ball.

Think having the ball in Daramy's hands is also a good idea.

The D is giving up under 100 yards rushing a game. Seems to be coming at too great of a cost. Wonder about Castillo at safety. Kid sees the field well and is a ball hawk.

Passing game averaged over 10 yards an attempt--which is great but need to keep the chains moving with completions.

Coaches made a point of learning how to start games fast when Hunt took over. Seems like there needs to be a reevaluation of what is happening at halftime. Team starts the second half flat too often.  

Hope these guys figure it out and get to 6-4 and have Lehigh lose a couple...

Stranger things have happened.

Go 'gate!

Richmond.  Cornell. Lehigh. By the 27 minute mark of each game we had all observers and media commentators validly complimenting every aspect of our Red Raider's performance, from run defense domination to offensive balance to attention to detail on special teams. At that juncture, each week, we were inside each opponent's ten yard line appearing to be on the immediate verge of a killer- instinctive, gracefully-inflicted fatal "coupe de grace" touchdown. Instead, we either failed to hit paydirt or settled for 3. But of greater significance, with time fleeting away at the end of each of those first halfs, each opponent marched downfield (virtually at will) and scored momentous game-shifting touchdowns that were built upon to defeat us in the second thirty minutes.    An initial thought (with no slam intended to any player) : James Holland . Check out his career efficiency with TD's when called upon in the red zone. Second thought: patterns have to be recognized and addressed. Absent some unlikely inter-league upsets, our focus has now shifted to having a winning season and permanently patching leaks.

We beat Fordham, Fordham beats Lehigh, three way tie, then tiebreakers. Just saying.
go gate

There were two players missed in this game. Hardegree is SS. He has done a fine job. He got hurt the first few minutes in 3rd at Cornell game and has been out. Kid was number 5 last season in tackles. Need him back. And of course Holland, as everyone knows. These two players would have made game changing plays. Second half def doesn't look like the team we had last year who finished second half with a win every PL game. I had more hope a few games back. Now, we have to win every game, so lets DO IT!
the last indian

Pass defense

I agree with many of the above comments, but I still want to point out our chronic pass defense problem.  There always seem to be big holes downfield for opponent's receivers.  The contrast with LU's coverage could not have been more plain.  Several time they knocked the ball out of the hands of our receiver, we were rarely close enough to do the same.  
And the zone is a disaster for containing the short passing game.  
We had opportunities in this game, but left them on the table.  Lehigh, on the other hand capitalized on them.  They deserved the "W".
The Future

Agree with all of these posts. JB, you're absolutely right about the last drive before the half. I think the team this team wants to be is there for the first 27 minutes and then things slip away. Also agree that there is a lot of season left. It could still be a great year for these guys. I think they have the players and I think they have the coaches. Just have to figure out how to get the W's.

Had thought about a 3-way tie, but don't want to think too far ahead.  If ppg is a deciding factor, Lehigh or Fordham will battle it out.  There is reason to be optimistic vs Fordham after holding Edmonds to a career low last year, but this time we are on the road.  All focus must be on him...and of course those lateral passes that we cannot cover and everyone knows it.

Would appreciate some info on Holland.  What was his injury, when did it happen, and is he a redshirt?  Seems we should have more than 1 backup RB, which has always been our bread and butter.  Lehigh's backup QB had 500+ yards at Yale, but HC used 3 QBs yesterday and lost at home to Bucknell.  Who knows.

Just want to reiterate that only 4 home games absolutely, positively sucks.  Cornell was a surprise, but G'town and Lafayette do not make for an intense home schedule.
The Future

Bucknell's defense will be one of the best Colgate sees this year.

Edmonds rushed for 359 yards on 17 carries yesterday against Lafayette.

Ives - looks like a great receiver. Got to get him the ball more. In fact spread it around. Greenawalt is another guy who doesn't get his share. Didn't use Maddaluna III at all yesterday after he sets record the week before. What's up? Was he just a decoy?

Agree with most posts. Game plan too conservative; DBs still not effective against opponent's passing game; O-line not getting to the QB - maybe rethink that whole strategy; agree - let other QBs in the game when we are guaranteed of a L or W; yes, where are the stud RBs we recruit, Washington is good but not a power runner; could we use more fullback plays to open up the opponents D?

Lots olf question marks, but the guys are trying and there's no reason they can't reset and still have a winning season (..and maybe even part of the PL title).

Andy Coen's a nice man. Lots of head coaches would have worked harder to score a final TD at the end of the game.

Now go beat Fordham! Forum Index -> Football
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