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MBB: 'gate 91 Bucknell 81

A sweep of the first place Bison! Impressive offensive showing throughout and toughness after losing the lead. Good to see Bargmann get a couple minutes and for Rivard and Robertson to get big points. I like this or lose...because there's progress every time out and that will produce the wins we want. Kudos to the players and coaches and to the fans who showed up today. This is fun. Go 'gate!

Agree, great to sweep the Bison!  According to the announcers that's 4 in a row, which is the longest streak we've had against them.  Not bad for a hockey school!

Still no Regisford which definitely makes a difference for our interior D and rebounding, hope he's back soon.  Now let's sweep the Terriers on Wednesday & set up for a couple of home games in the tournament!
Gate Raider

Fun, for sure.  Team played aggressive defense and it paid off.  Kept it close near the end and then pulled ahead.  That's a sign of a young team getting better.  Hope they can win out.  Nice to see the stands pretty much full.

Thought last year's season was one and done, not sure any of us expected this after graduation last year.  Amazing to put up 91 points against the PL leader.  If Regisford returns, he could be our secret weapon!  What is his injury, exactly?  Does he qualify for a red shirt?  Don't remember a Colgate team when we've had so much size on our roster.

The Bison are always good and have been to the NCAAs 6 times; beating them is a great accomplishment.  Unfortunately, our consistency is lousy and we've followed up terrific wins with lousy losses.  Hope we can take it to the Terriers. Forum Index -> Basketball
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