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Men's hockey

The senior class is not scoring goals.  Our power play has NO power.  Very poor.

Turned it on just in time to see the two Yale goals, turned it off.  Knew we weren't coming back.  Tough year, but looking forward to Silver Puck & the farewell to Starr...

The season was called into question at the end of last year when Kyle Baun and that other guy left prematurely for the pros. Sad.

Ryan Johnston, would've been senior Dman.  That one really hurt as it came late & coaches were blindsided... they knew Baun was going.
Raider Archivist

You guys should really turn your attention to WHOC. They're really good...very young, athletic and tough! What Greg Fargo has done with this program is parallel to what Hunt accomplished this Fall!

What he has done in taking this program over is unparallelled by any m's or w's Colgate coach in memory. Can any one think of something equivalent ?

I do follow WHOC, but have sadly not been to a game this season. I agree that Greg Fargo has done a wonderful job, especially recruiting the frosh and soph players who will carry the winning culture foreword.

Biddle did turn the football program around pretty quickly, but other than that I can't think of another coach who has gotten such a quick turnaround. Great for Colgate, amd for women's hockey.

Must admit the only women's hockey I watched was as an undergrad... had a couple of friends on what was then the club team.  Will have to pay attention as they head to the playoffs.

Fargo is in his 4th year... I'd say the current comparable turnaround is Langel with Men's hoop.  He's in his 5th year, took over a moribund program & had us in 2nd place in the PL and the tournament championship last year.  Right back in the thick of it this year after big losses to graduation.  Another great story!

Disappointing 7-4 loss to the Cantabs last night. Game much closer than the score indicates. Have to buck up and win two next weekend in Starr's last two men's games. Union would like nothing better than to take us down in the Saturday game.

Team played great in 2-0 win over RPI last night. Finn saved the day on several good chances by the Engineers. Hope for an equally good effort today vs Union, who took Cornell to the woodshed last night. While the outcome doesn't change things standings-wise, we need the win to climax our many successful years at good old Starr.    Sad

Couldn't have ended a hockey era any better!  SWEEEEEEP!

Was glad we got to 10 wins; Vaughan has done that every season except once, I believe.  Looks like Dartmouth in the playoffs and I believe we can give them a run for their money!

Looks like the Raiders live to play another day, series tied at 1-1 vs. Dartmouth.  Game 3 Sun @ 5pm

Which Finn will show up in net?
Will we give up an early goal - again?
Will we ever hold a lead?
Will Dartmouth outshoot us - again?

Something tells me there are a bunch of Cornell fans out there cheering for the Raiders today, or else the Big Red will be heading to Hamden, CT, instead of us!

Go 'Gate!

It's do or die tonight (5 PM). We have the senior class leading the way and scoring goals; nice to see Murphy get one at last. The team is scratching it's way through this series against a tough Big Green outfit. We have the mo and the guys that can do it. We just have to show up and play a complete 60 minutes from the first puck drop and stay out of the box.

We played our hearts out and I commend the players for never say die.  All the best to the seniors to their careers after graduation!  Well done men!

Going to 2OTs shows the commitment of this team to go out a winner. Unfortunately the final score may not reflect the determination and grit of the players over this season. The record is not indicative of the dedication of the players, after losing two key players, having injuries, an inexperienced defense, and rolling three lines most of the time.

Thanks to the seniors for 4 years of great hockey and in leading this team through troubled times. Good luck wherever you go and in whatever you chose after graduation from Colgate.

For me, the season ended on our last weekend at Starr.  It couldn't have been scripted any better and it was very emotional for me - and for others, I assume - on many levels.  I won't soon forget it.  And the women's playoff wins had much to do with that memory as well.

We never trailed Dartmouth until the final goal and that was a microcosm of our entire season, plain and simple.

So, what is our outlook for next season?  With the Spinks and Darcy Murphy gone, I have no idea what the future holds.  I have absolutely no confidence in Finn and never have.  Regrettably, he is only a junior.  Hamilton and Racine are virtually untested and are therefore unreliable.  I hope Colton Point is the new Messiah in goal that we sorely need!

From Heisenberg 2016:
Name - Commit Date - Enroll Date - School - Ht/Wt - DOB

    Josh McKechney-RC 12/22/2015 2017 Brooks (AJHL) 6' 170 05/29/97
    Jared Cockrell-RW 12/1/2015 Brooks (AJHL) 5'11 170 08/03/95
    John Snodgrass-RW 11/30/2015 Cedar Rapids (USHL) 5'11 166 11/07/95
    Jack Hoey-RW 11/17/2015 2018 Choate Rosemary 6' 186 11/03/98
    Mark Gallant-LC 11/9/2015 2018 Groton School 5'11 155 05/01/00
    Colton Point-G 10/30/2015 2017 Carleton Place (CJHL) 6'4 230 03/04/98
    Paul Meyer-LD 10/21/2015 Alberni Valley (BCHL) 6'4 195 09/19/96
    Tyler Cosgrove-LD 9/21/2015 Phillips Exeter 5'11 170 06/04/97
    Evan Tschumi-C 8/10/2015 2017 Lloydminster (AJHL) 6'2 175 04/25/97
    Jacob Panetta-D 5/26/2015 Wellington (OJHL) 5'11 182 02/26/96
    Henry Marshall-LC 5/15/2015 2017 Choate Prep 6'1 170 01/09/97
    Bobby McMann-LC 5/8/2015 Bonnyville (AJHL) 6'1 185 06/15/96
    Nick Quillan-LD 1/26/2015 2017 Lloydminster (AJHL) 6' 190 06/19/96
    Tyler Penner-RW 1/23/2015 Steinbach (MJHL) 5'11 175 10/12/95
    Tyler Jeanson-LW 12/5/2014 Minot (NAHL) 5'8 168 09/16/97
    Ben Sharf-RW 9/22/2014 Ft.McMurray (AJHL) 5'11 180 02/14/96
    Ross Craig-RD 9/16/2014 Cornwall (CJHL) 5'11 180 11/01/96

Point is the leading goalie in the CCHL in GAA and SAA. Plays for the Brockville Braves.

Not sure if Vaughan is known for starting freshmen.  Does anyone think he will bench Finn as a senior?!  How does a player get worse?!  Not sure what influence - or impact, for that matter - Coach Pagliero has had.

Princeton seemed like it deserved a better fate after taking it to Clarkson - twice; 3 of Brown's 5 total wins this season were against Colgate.  Why are those on USCHO surprised that all of the home teams won?

Anyone have a preference for the ECAC title?  I prefer Clarkson, Yale or Harvard in no particular order...or anyone but Quinnipiac.
The Future

Point had a 107 save game.

I don't think Point arrives until Fall '17, unless I'm mistaken we're looking at the same cast of characters in net next season.

Does look like '17.

Remember, we don't want Point to be *too* good...or else he will follow the fate of Baun and Johnston lol.

Perhaps that is a real possibility.

go'gate wrote:
Anyone have a preference for the ECAC title?  I prefer Clarkson, Yale or Harvard in no particular order...or anyone but Quinnipiac.

I'd like to see SLU take it. Yale has won the National Championship recently, Harvard is...well.....Harvard. They are always good and hang around the top of the league when you least expect it. Clarkson I can deal with, except I hate their Pep Band...LOL. It would be refreshing to see the Saints win it all. Plus it's DV's alma mater.
Gate Raider

The Saints get my vote.  I'd take Clarkson next.

Based on the brackets...

Cornell & Qpac play each other, hoping whoever wins is so worn down they go meekly in the semis.  SLU/Clarkson should be a great series, local rivalry... I'll pull for the Larries.  Darmouth/Yale, gotta pick an Ivy... Go Green.  RPI/Harvard, clearly not Harvard!

SLU over whoever in one semi, RPI over the Green in the other.  Larries win the Cup in an all NY/Non-Ivy final!

At least that's what I'll be rooting for. Forum Index -> Hockey
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