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New PATRIOT LEAGUE message board

So I’m opening a new, professional set of boards on College Sports journal.

There is a serious of Patriot League-specific boards for Patriot League topics/sports:

And there is a neat page of “Patriot League Message Boards”:

I bring up the “message boards” one in particular because it is a page that links to all the known Patriot League-themed message boards, from Army to Lafayette. When a good message board didn’t exist, really (which was the case with BU and Loyola), I simply added a forum for them.

Feel free to sign up over there as well to talk Patriot League stuff that doesn’t seem to just fit on this board.  My intent isn't to replace this board, but to set up a place where all PL people can go to discuss the topics of the day.

Nicely done, LFN. Thanks for posting. Forum Index -> Whatever Else
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