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Old and New Football Photos

Bob Cornell has been posting some old and new photos on Facebook the past few weeks. Here are some samples:

Pat Healy, vs Rutgers 1977:

Sideline vs Rutgers 1977:

Chris Brown vs UMass 2003:

JB Gerald vs UMass 2003:

James Holland vs Sam Houston 2015:

Those are awesome.  Wonder if he has any from the '82 playoff home game vs. BU in the snow?

I'll ask him.

*No dice, he doesn't have pics from that game.

Too bad... conditions for that game would have made for great shots, snow wasn't as heavy as in 2003, though colder I think.  Still can see the look on my mother's face when I told her I was leaving on Friday after Thanksgiving to go back for the game.  Not happy!

The 1976 and 1977 Rutgers games were terrific, but the 1977 game in Hamilton had a special flavor.  The huge size of the crowd (largest in Colgate FB history) and its passion, the BEAUTIFUL September afternoon, the special intensity and focus of Colgate's play against an excellent but arrogant Rutgers team - it was unforgettable.

Great pictures, especially of the 1977 Rutgers game. Pat Healy was a tough back in the Hubbard/van Eeghen mold. Complimenting him in that backfield was explosive Henry White, perhaps the quickest back since my Colgate days with the possible exception of Kenny Gamble. Healy and White combined for over 200 rushing yards for Rutgers, and Bob Relph's passes to Dick Slenker netted over 100 more.

I agree with go 'gate that the 1977 Rutgers game had a special flavor, and it's probably not fair to compare other games to this one. The planets aligned in a rare way to garner unprecedented attention for this game. Imagine a team that finished the prior year ranked #16 in the nation travelling to Hamilton to open the season. Add to that the fact that Rutgers ended the prior season beating Colgate at Giants Stadium in a game that was nationally televised and went down to the final play. Finally throw in the ill will from the fact that Colgate would likely have won if not for a publicly admitted botched call, which brought a great deal of national attention at the time, as well as at the time of the rematch. Rutgers was miffed that their undefeated season was tainted, and announced that Colgate was being dropped from the schedule in 1979 "so Rutgers could start playing good teams". (They put Colgate back on their schedule in 1980 after we beat them in 1977 and 1978.) The crowd at Andy Kerr that day (whether 16,000 or 18,000) will never be matched, nor I suspect will its intensity. Those who were there I'm sure know exactly what I mean. Forum Index -> Football
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