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One Orangeman's prediction:

One Orangeman's prediction:

Syracuse 45, Colgate 17

out on a limb, I think the game will be much closer and real chance at an upset.  This is based upon 51 years of Gate football.
The Future

I know considerably less about Colgate football than bluefish, but I have to agree. This team has to be about the most experienced team in Colgate history. They are solid at every position and have depth on the defensive line that they will need to stay with a team looking to running a lot of plays. Just hoping they come out playing fast. Feel like they worried about SHSU's team speed last year and it made them tentative on D. Fordham is a fast team on O but Colgate went right after them. Hope they have the same mindset against 'cuse. Looking forward to seeing Steffen back on the field. He has to be the most forgotten man coming into this season. Hope he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Bridgeforth back is also huge. Just a very solid team. Looking forward to seeing them get after it.

I can't wait to see the game, counting down the days. This should probably, maybe, hopefully, be the closest game in the SU series for many years going back. SU has a first year coach, new offense, and coming off a bad season, they have question marks.
 WE have seventeen starters back from a very good team that finished very strongly last year. That doesn't include Steffen or Bridgeworth, wasn't Steffen picked as PL Player of the year preseason last year, not much has been said about him, now it's Diener as PL Defensive POTY. The D should be better, but they need be a lot better !
 This could be our best shot in the last 10-15 games, but, Uh oo, reality rearing it's ugly little head again. This is D1 not FCS.
The team gave up more points than it scored last year. Most of our PL wins were by less than a touchdown and D1 Navy, and Sam Houston went thru us scoring at will.
I think we will score some points, the closeness depends if we can stop them defensively.  They are going to try and exhaust us with that hurry up very fast no huddle offense. We need to combat that by keeping our offense on the field, very critical, in my opinion.
 SU will be bigger, faster, and looking for a good start and probably 25-30,000 fannies in the stands. Stay healthy and keep it close, the spread was 27.
You in H A Milton for the weekend Gate83 ?

Zappa wrote:

You in H A Milton for the weekend Gate83 ?

Yep, heading up for the game.  Got tickets via the Colgate tailgate so will try to park around their spot (Science & Technology Center, 111 College Place) & head in from there.  What's your plan? Forum Index -> Football
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