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PL Teams 2016

How about a general, mid-season report...PL play in full swing now.

Am wondering how much longer Lafayette will support Tavani as coach.  No polite way to put it...they will get lambasted next weekend at Army.  When they built their new facilities, I thought for sure that recruiting success would follow for decades.

Was surprised that Gilmore was given a contract extension at HC.  Pujals was supposed to be the Great Messiah and hasn't been able to get the Crusaders a trophy.  No idea about the extent of his injuries but he did not play vs. Bucknell, and the Bison won.

Nice 3-0 start for non-scholarship Georgetown...that is, until they faced some real competition.  Seems to be more of the same from the Hoyas?

Looks like a battle for 1st place against Fordham and Lehigh, but give the nod to the Rams with a better ground game and a good arm in Anderson.

If there's one thing 'Gate can do, it's fix what's broken, even mid-season.  Here's hoping it begins next weekend at Bucknell.

Go 'Gate

Agree with posters

In addition I would add one more factor-grass.  Think about how many times you saw rb's and others fall down trying to make cuts or change of direction.  Many times including two special teams players on the 93 yard kickoff return that killed us after we narrowed the lead to one TD.

Lehigh the only PL team in the National Poll, at #29.  What gives?  Fordham and Colgate have had recent success, but least 1 PL team should be in the top 25 every year with scholarships, no???

Yes!  But from what I've seen this year the fault is with the PL teams, not the pollsters.  League has no really good OOC wins unless you count HC beating Harvard's 2nd string.  Seems that scholarships have us treading water when compared to a more aggressive Ivy League but not substantially closing the gap with the CAA (last year's playoff run being the significant exception). Forum Index -> Football
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