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FYI, these are the ranks that will appear below your username after you make the required number of posts:

1 Post - Freshman Member
100 Posts - Sophomore Member
500 Posts - Junior Member
1000 Posts - Senior Member
2000 Posts - Maroon Club
3000 Posts - Kenny Gamble Club
4000 Posts - Jamaal Branch Club
5000 Posts - Dick Biddle Club
10000 Posts - Andy Kerr Club

Suggestions welcome to change any of that.

Just having fun with this...but I see that all of your ranks are football-related.  What about the Mark Murphy Club (fb, I know), Colgate 13 Club, Silver Puck Club, Terry Slater Memorial Member...perhaps eliminate the freshman/soph/junior/senior titles

Just my $0.02, thx

I like it. The fresh-senior were mainly just placeholders to get some suggestions. I'll make some additions.

More changes/suggestions welcome.

1 post - Colgate 13 Club
50 posts - Adonal Foyle Club
100 posts - Howie Starr Club
500 posts - Terry Slater Club
1000 posts - Ray Appenheimer Club
2000 posts - Michael Joseph Hayes Club
3000 posts - Kenny Gamble Club
4000 posts - Jamaal Branch Club
5000 posts - Dick Biddle Club
10000 posts - Andy Kerr Club Forum Index -> Feedback/Suggestions
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