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Richmond Game

Game notes are up.  Keyon Washington not listed in this week's 2 Deep, otherwise looks the same to me...
Gate Raider

Keyon is listed in the two deep at TB.
I'm wondering when we might see a new face at TB although I doubt this would be the game for that.
The Future

Good to see Keyon playing.

The game is sold out. Richmond's 24th sellout in their seventh season at their new stadium. (Seats 8,700.)

Richmond is a 17 point favorite.

Sagarin ratings shows seven but you have to add three points because they're home, so about ten. Wonder if we have to stream it again ??

Coulda sworn when I first looked at the 2 deep Keyon wasn't on it.  Maybe a typo they fixed?  Anyway, glad he's playing.  

Parents weekend for the Spiders is why it's a sellout, they also struggle with student attendance when it's not a "event weekend."  Robins is a great on-campus stadium that's less than 10 years old & was not overbuilt (like the Kerrdome), looking forward to seeing it again.  

TV listed is a mid-Atlantic NBC station that doesn't show the game on their future schedule, so don't know what's up with that.  The Sportsbook line shows Gate +17, that's certainly what I'm expecting to get from my Spider buddies!
Gate Raider

I believe the TV broadcast listed on the Richmond football schedule on the school's site is CSN (Comcast Sports Network, a local/area broadcast) and not NBC.  You have to be careful in selecting a link for sports schedules such as ESPN, NBC etc. because they don't always show the local stuff, just their own.   The school's Richmond TV is streaming it for $4.95.  WKXZ is doing the radio broadcast of the game, if you want Colgate announcers.

Richmond coach Rocco's weekly press conference.  Very complimentary to our team and coach Hunt in the first five minutes or so...

Curious, Steffen was defensive POTY projected last year before his injury, haven't heard much about him this year, is he nursing his leg ?

A first in 40 years of following Colgate football

I had planned to go to Richmond this weekend, as I do any time the Raiders venture below the Mason-Dixon line. Hearing the game was a sellout, I called the Richmond athletic ticket office to make sure I could get a standing room ticket. I was told standing room tickets were not sold. Not only that, but I couldn't expect to buy a ticket outside as scalping is not tolerated. I was told Richmond had a page on Stub-Hub and that a week ago there were 19 tickets left, but they were likely gone by now. Sure enough, Stub-Hub told me that there were no tickets available for the Colgate game (although there were hundreds of tickets available for the Panthers-Vikings game). And it's not just because it's parents weekend - the ticket agent told me (and this was confirmed on Stub-Hub) that several Spider games this year were already sellouts! This is inane! What FCS program turns away fans? They should put more seats in or play the game in the old Richmond city stadium, where I last saw the Raiders play 20 years ago (Dick Biddle's first game). Someone posted it's great Richmond's stadium isn't "overbuilt"!!! Better overbuilt than underbuilt! Has there been another time in Colgate history, including when Andy Kerr's teams could pull in 50,000 in Yankee Stadium, where someone who wanted to go to a Colgate game couldn't get a ticket?? Who wants to sell theirs? I'll pay 10 times face value.

I did not have this problem at Yale last weekend, where there were over 50,000 seats available. That was the most dominating Colgate win over an established opponent that has given us plenty of trouble over the years I've seen in a long time. It reminded me of dominating wins over good Ivy teams in the late 70s and early 80s, such as Harvard in 77, Dartmouth in 82, and Penn in 83. A difference is that Fred Dunlap was usually careful not to embarrass Ivy teams he wanted on the schedule, and allowed a couple of TDs in the 4th to make the final score more respectable. Not much to add over what was already said about last weekend. Our receivers were terrific. It's been awhile since the secondary looked so good, and of course the run was stopped cold. Melville took a big hit in the second quarter that he shook off after one play; I thought it might have been bad enough to take him out of the game. I was surprised Melville was still playing well into the fourth quarter, and that Hunt called for a 40-yd TD bomb with 11 minutes left when we were up 30. Some Yale fans booed, and others we were close to said it was bad sportsmanship. I'm not sure I agree, but we do want a team like Yale on future schedules. Yale's loss tied with a UConn loss in the 90s as the worst loss in the 100+ year history of the Yale Bowl. Who would have predicted that our loss to Syracuse would be 16 points closer than our win over Yale?

Always great to see another thoughtful post from 'Gate 80. I salute his connection to the program on several levels : Despite his  geographic distance from campus (Davidson, N.C. ?), I believe that he gets to any game in Dixieland, all of the service academy venues, and a laudable number of Kerrdome battles; he has a remarkable memory for 'Gate football history from his era to date; and he has no hesitation to grapple with faculty and  administration politics which have, over the decades,  hampered our program and it's historic esteem.    I hope that we can all show a similar level of commitment on this Board as we move on to Richmond.      As an aside, I was at a football win by our RedRaiders at Davidson in 1976, and in the stands at the Yale Bowl last week. It has always been impossible to convey to an outsider, then or now, the uniqueness of the connection and shared spirit and pride of our alumni and campus family at those contests. I can recite countless remarks from friends and associates from so many "par" undergraduate institutions who admire, but are bewildered by, our joy in following out team decades after graduation. We travel well , and win all road game tailgate match-ups (especially at Holy Cross and Fordham). We have something to be envied and preserved : Football DNA.

Does anyone know how we can watch in central NY ? Looks like "SpiderTV" is streaming it ? I have Time Warner.


I wholeheartedly agree on your assessment of  'gate80's dedication and encyclopedic knowledge of Colgate football.

And I can share in his frustration about getting a ticket to Richmond for the Colgate game. Surely they can hold back an allocation for the visitors. And what's the deal with that stadium? It's obviously not fit for purpose at a few levels nor does not make much of an impression on their athletics website upon viewing.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing everyone living it up next weekend at Homecoming! What a spectacular setting we have with
the Dunlap Stands renovation, the newly paved parking lot and the backdrop of The Class of 1965 Arena, which will be the source of unlimited "new rink envy" from all visiting teams.

Drive safely and Go 'gate!

Not to blow anyone's "cover", but would Posters attending the Cornell game have any interest in gathering for a quick hello, perhaps at the lower corner of the stands on the scoreboard side shortly before kickoff or near the end of halftime?  I think we constitute the hard-core, true-believer, Kool-Aid drinking followers of Colgate sports and linking up makes sense. (It's better that when they hang us, we all hang together) !

Great idea. I'm in - either pregame or end of halftime.

Go 'gate!

Excellent.  Let's lock in on the end of halftime option at that location.  Looking forward to a gathering of the troops!
Gate Raider

[quote="Zappa:1215"]Does anyone know how we can watch in central NY ? Looks like "SpiderTV" is streaming it ? I have Time Warner.[/quote]

I have searched around and it looks like SpiderTV is your only option to watch.
WKXZ radio is also covering the game as is a local Richmond radio station.
the last indian

Richmond video

Our web site TV link leads to a local network, no game there.  Instead go to the Richmond Spiders site and scroll down to find our game, click on the TV link, sign up and you're good.  $4.95 for the game.  I don't know if they are sneaky, like the IVY network, and they keep billing you until you cancel.
the last indian

Richmond game TV

John Painter kindly send me this link-

Doesn't the Colgate ticket office get an allotment of road game tickets for fans or season ticket holders???  Show up at the Colgate tailgate and maybe something good will happen Wink
the last indian

Help. No video. Only audio. What am I doing wrong?

Be grateful you can't watch.
the last indian

Finally got it. A loss, sure, but no give up and not a rout by a very good team. Melville' says throwing not good
go gate

Be grateful you cant watch. I'm not sure I understand. It was Richmond. They are ranked in their division. We lost by 7 points. We kept up with this team like we were in their league. We need some receivers who will catch the balls is all I can say. Other then that, Def was top of the line! Offensive could have made some more plays but kept up. I think this was a GREAT game.
the last indian

UR is a physically talented team. I doubt we will see such a plethora tall, fast receivers again this year. I was proud that the guys really hung in this game and clawed their way back, despite a sub par day for Jake. The D was superb. Great display of grit and character. We know that tough games in the PL are ahead, but I like this team's chances.
I was impressed with LU and Fordham today. Nice to take 3of 4 from the Ivies. And lastly, kudos to G'town.

It was a great effort and, IMO, further proved that we are becoming increasingly competitive with the CAA.
Raider Redhead

IMHO, this Colgate team has the potential to be the best since 2003.  

It has the best all-round defense which I've seen in a Raider squad since the Dunlap era.  

Running the table against PL opponents and Cornell is a very real possibility.

Reality rearing it's ugly little head again. Get a team like Syracuse or Richmond, like I said before, our defensive backs just aren't big or fast enough to cover. Bryan Brown owned us. Our Achilles tendon. They also dropped two interceptions thrown right to them.
Melville 5-22, three interceptions where the receivers weren't even near the ball, not on the same page.
The running game was decent, Fields punt block leading to a td was tremendous, defense against the run was decent, stopping quite a few third down tries.
Tied at halftime I thought we were right in it, called my buddy and said I don't see any reason we can't beat this #7 ranked team. I did tell him #12 Brown might be the reason we lose if we do. Well, he became Richmond's all time receiver in the second half with a 66 yard td catch.
Next up 2-0 Cornell who beat Yale and they did it by passing. Could be a very entertaining game for homecoming. Should be a good crowd with the dedication of the new rink, inauguration etc. Weather says 68 and sunny. It's been way too long.

And yes, probably our best team since 2003.

They are pretty sure #12 Brown has a pro career ahead of him down in Richmond.  Their folks were very impressed with our team, particularly Morgan and Afriye on D and Melville on O... even though he was off badly throwing the ball they were very impressed with his ability as a runner.  And I think we all saw what a weapon Daramy can be, bet he breaks more than a couple the rest of the year.

Encouraged with what I saw yesterday, we were right with them all game.  Would not have been the case a few years back.  Cornell is a little worrisome, trap game before the league starts... but I think overall we're in a very good place.

I like the optimism, but to be fair, Melville was not his usual self though I was impressed we hung in there up to a point.  We have a habit of giving up points in the waning seconds of a quarter or half.  Our near-comeback in the 4th Qtr showed a lot of grit.  Last year Melville had 2 (?) interceptions yet he has already doubled that.  Isn't there a reason we have backup QBs?  Are they reserved solely for injuries?!  Yale used 3 of theirs.  Melville seems to get better as games ware on, but he was more effective with his legs than his arm on this day.  Did not think that Richmond played a flawless game and was hoping the Raiders could make a statement.  One announcer said, "This Patriot League team plays like it could be in the CAA," which I found to be a bit insulting about our league but was intended as a compliment.  We had a great momentum win over Yale, until I saw what Cornell did to them.  Hope we can take them to the woodshed on Saturday.  A home game - finally.

Richmond game very encouraging

I agree completely with Raider Redhead and felt (especially during the first half) that this is the strongest Raider team I've seen in awhile. This is not the NFL; there are good losses. Richmond lost to NDSU in the semis last year and crushed Virginia to start the season. We went down 10-0 quickly due to some bad breaks. Jake's first INT was the result of the receiver running a different route (he cut inside while Jake led him down the sideline) which resulted in an easy INT and quick score. Meanwhile we dropped 2 INTs, one so easy the defender was surprised when the ball hit him. Our defense was great early on - I think the Spiders only got 3 first downs the first quarter. It was great we came back with 17 straight points after being down 10-0, though I think settling for a FG for the last score hurt us (we were well within the red zone). Until Richmond's long drive at the end of the half tied it, I thought we were outplaying them.

In the third Richmond's spread sets and up tempo O wore us down obviously. Brown burned us but he's Richmond's all-time receiving leader. Even so, Jake had 2 great first down runs on 4th down deep in their territory called back because of holding penalties, and Maddaluna just couldn't hold on to one in the end zone (tough catch though with the defender all over him). Any of these would have kept us within a TD in the 3rd. Even so, we were close at the end. The 3rd and 9 when the Richmond QB was almost wrapped up at his goal line, but managed to hit the TE for the first down, was crucial. Without that we would have gotten the ball back near midfield with a few minutes left to get the tying/winning TD. Whoever blamed our receivers was wrong. Melville was the most off-target I've seen him, and unlike the Syracuse game many of his misfires were not under pressure. Isn't 3 INTs more than he had all last year? (It reminded me of Greg Sullivan's bad game against Furman 6 years ago.) Speaking of which it was good to see Greg on the sidelines coaching, he looks like he did during his playing days. Also good seeing Vickie outside the locker room encouraging all of the players as they were coming and going.

I was planning to go to the parking lots and keep offering money until I got a ticket, but the Colgate ticket office kindly left me a couple for me. Thank you Gate83 for offering me one. I would have met you in the tailgating area but barely got in before kickoff. Richmond only had one person handling the Colgate will call, and the line was quite long. When I asked for mine they looked through several sheets before telling me there were no Colgate players with my name, unaware that the line wasn't only for families! While the new stadium was cute, the efficiency and attitude at concessions were like those at a Caribbean food cart. The "sold out" tickets must include many unused season or student tickets. When the game started the stands were maybe a quarter full, after the 1st quarter maybe half full. I watched the game surrounded by 20-30 empty seats. They should sell general admission with a standing area to use if the seats are full. It's ridiculous that many didn't come out because the game was said to be sold out.

This is a very good team, capable of winning in the playoffs again. Fans should come out and support them the rest of the way.
Raider Archivist

Agree with everything stated. The front seven is really impressive. Very hard to run against this team. The objective, as Co-captain Kyle Diener '17 pointed out in his weekly email, is to make teams one dimensional, i.e. pass. Then add the special D. packages to throw teams off. I have a lot of confidence this front 7 can do this in PL play generally. Will the secondary hold up their end of the bargain, under those circumstances ? A big test for this @Lehgh and @ Fordham. Cornell will be a good test. Like Melvill the Cornell QB put up some good numbers against Yale,  (Dalton Banks passed for 297 yards.)
The Future

I've only watched the first half of the Richmond game (paid for it and wasn't able to watch and then was very happy to see that it had been recorded on Direct TV).

For Colgate to only lose by seven while getting so little out of the passing game says a lot about how good this team can be. Would love to see these guys to get another crack at Richmond this year (need to win a lot of games starting Saturday).

Don't think these guys were physically overmatched at all (in the first half, anyway). When they make plays that are a very, very good team.

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