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Colgate gives 170. Lehigh 174. Lafayette 118. Boston U. 219.

So... as a novice to this kind of thing, how do I read this?  Looking at the chart, seems to me for a small school by enrollment that we compare favorably to the rest of the PL.  I also note the Ivies don't provide info by school (or they have a league policy in place).  Anyway, perspective from the more educated is appreciated.

This chart relates solely to the distribution of the $200mm the NCAA is giving to colleges that offer athletic scholarships so no Div 3 and probably some Div 2 as well. My understanding is that the $ can  pretty much to be spent on anything related to those athletes. The "grant" number is the number of scholarship students at the school and the $ amount is the college's percentage of the $200mm based on the number of scholarship athletes. So the more scholarships the more $. Net/net Gate is getting $558K it never expected to invest in its various sports programs as it deems fit...not a bad thing. It's interesting to look at the other conferences and participating school's takes as well... Very Happy

Thanks, that makes sense!  Interesting that BU is funding 50 more scholarships than we are without a football team, and that Lafayette significantly lags the other football playing institutions.  Also while listed in the Big East, Georgetown is about 50 schollies short of what Gate/Lehigh offer... think their football team could use those? Forum Index -> Whatever Else
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