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Spring Ball

Has anybody been to any practices or have any reports or anything?

Somewhat off topic but news nonetheless:

I just passed by Andy Kerr Stadium and the artificial turf has been removed, rolled up and bagged. In a few days, I have heard, the new artificial turf arrives. So it won't be laid before Reunion but will be a work in progress for those who make the trip.

Sorry I don't know more about it...

Go 'gate!

This Fieldturf outfit is the real deal. By early afternoon, and as of this morning today, 30 yards of turf plus turf leading into the south end zone is almost all laid. Very sharp!

Go 'gate!

Hope you're staying for reunion Steve, I'm out west so will miss it.  Have fun!


Sorry you won't be at Reunion. Looks like a record crowd has registered. I am especially looking forward to the rugby and lacrosse receptions on Saturday.

Other news is that the turf is down on 80% of Andy Kerr. Interesting to watch the method which takes about 20 minutes from rolling across the field each 5 yard strip, stretching, measuring, sewing and flipping it into place.

Oh, and the Saxbys (Barge) closes for good this Sunday which means that Hamilton will need a new cafe management team and concept. It seems that the Flour and Salt Bakery around the corner
ate their lunch on the baked goods and Saxbys just gave up.

When you are back for the Richmond homecoming game we will get together and see what's what. I expect President Casey will sort out the cafe matter with the Hamilton Initiative by then. At least I hope so.

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