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The Future

Spring Ball

Anybody know what the plan is for the D-line?

Four all league guys return to play three spots--and there are a bunch of guys rotating in--and Obinwa back, right?

Afriyie seems to have the skill set to move to back LB--maybe on the inside with the number of established guys playing the outside.

Obinwa is gone. Probably for good. I would expect rotations.

practice starts today, anyone plan on "taking a look"?
The Future

Thanks, CR. Will be interesting to see which all league player doesn't start--or how that is handled and whether these guys care. There was a lot made of Colgate's front seven being the best Hunt had seen before the Navy game. On paper, these guys should be better with only one starter to replace and most of the rotations staying the same from the end of last year. Depth in the defensive backfield will be better. Bunch of young LB's out with injuries last year, Cairnie was a guy who seemed to come into his own and stand out during spring ball a few years back. If anyone does take a look, would be curious to hear any observations.
The Future

Just looked at the roster and saw that Obinwa is no longer on it. Also seems like Mooney has left. Not sure if these are accidental but Washington is now listed at TB, Ferrari is back at QB, and Curt Mitchell is at LB.
The Future

Preston Nix is also gone. Would imagine there are a few more I missed.

Obinwa gone ? What happened, big loss if true.

OOOOO....My bad, braincramp, was thinking Afryea (SP)


Hearing these things always leaves me speechless.  Sorry the guys are unhappy.  For some, winning a PL title and 2 games in the postseason isn't everything.
The Future

Might be the wrong system for a QB or you might miss home or might not be able to make grades. Probably keeping more guys than most programs.

Have read from Nix - a very Christian kid from TX - that the workload was more than he could bear.  Also very, very close to his family.  What a difference a year makes; happy to sign with Colgate, and now...freshman year can be tough anywhere.  If Nix, and others, could just come back for one more year, would think they could right the ship.  These athletes are under so much pressure and need an enormous support system off the field.  Who gives it to them?  So unfortunate b/c a Colgate degree opens so many doors.

Have all of these players officially left school???

Nix and Obinwa are still listed in the Directory, Mooney is not.  Mooney's twitter bio says "just tryna find a place to ball" so I'm guessing with Melville established and youngsters coming he's looking for playing time.
Gate Raider

Kids leaving is an unfortunate result of having a very successful year with many good players coming back.  Frankly, I think a player leaving Colgate for the purpose of trying to find a school (perhaps with lesser academics( with a team he can start on is a mistake.  But, then, there are lots of factors that go into the decision.  I wish them luck.
The Lone Haranguer

What's going to happen to their scholarships? Redistributed to guys who don't have one and/or guys who currently have partials? Are there any players we were recruiting this year who did not sign because we didn't have scholarship room who we could now go back to with an offer?
go gate

Defense, well we have returning Diener, Carnie, Campbell, Morgan, Hardegree, Afriyie, Castillo and Steffan, Brideforth. Are we worried about defense? We started out rough last year, but ended strong. I have faith in our defense. Havent done the homework on the new comers. I think the whole team,looking at last years results, has a patriot league winning team returning this coming year. Both sides of the ball have some strong players returning. Looking forward to 9/02/16! The beginning of another good year of Colgate football.

Kicking was a problem last year, we have two pk's coming in, one averaged almost 44 yards punting, that's NFL numbers. Forum Index -> Football
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