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The Casey Years and the Casey-Chun Accomplishments

I'd like to start a series of posts chronicling the accomplishments of the Casey years.

His background and accomplishments arouse enthusiasm and curiosity on how he'll impact the growth of the Colgate brand in a variety of areas.

While I'll emphasize his impact on the Casey-Chun legacy, I believe time will prove that the accomplishments of the Casey-Chun combination will be highly influenced by their embrace of the unique Colgate academic-athletic value proposition.

I invite everyone to chip in.

Go 'Gate !

Good idea

I am also optimistic that Casey can do great things for Colgatr and its reputation.  He has already hired a new public relations firm!  My hope is that the Gate becomes a mini Notre Dame.  Sports have contributed mightily to the growth of ND's academic reputation.
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Unlike any period in Colgate's history, the Casey-Chun team "walks the walk" on the value of gate's Div. 1 student athletics programs for its distinctive brand. You couldn't ask for two better role models that embody the living proof. They'll openly share with various segments of the Gate community how the benefits of their s-a experience in their college days ultimately contributed to their later success as adults.

The decisions generated by this enlightened leadership will be a striking contrast with the Grabois-Langdon-et al eras. Vicky's accomplishments alone in raising gpa's within the s-a cohort has already disarmed the "faculty lounge critics." The support across the board for her actions have tee'd up the situation perfectly for Casey's influence. Stay tuned !

Like the prior posters I'm also hopeful that the next 5-10 years will be
significant to the University in terms of heightened recognition academically and athletically with all the benefits that accrue therefrom. It would seem we have a perfect team to take advantage of all that is Colgate...
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Brian Casey's presence is beginning to be felt

The evidence is unfolding.....

I. Some not so subtle hints from Coach Dan Hunt that support from new President Casey is happening:

II. Dr. Casey's dog, Emrys, entertaining the football team:

III. President Casey introducing new football helmet at dinner for football team in early August:
the last indian

Our winter teams

Not so good. Each day I see defeat after defeat. Our web site headlines blare so and so score a goal only to find out that we lost 3-1. Or Bball mounted a great comeback only to lose by 10 points. Come on Vickie. Enough with the selfies. Get to work to improve our teams.

Something is up

Pres Casey has been very quiet on social media the last few months.  I hope this is due to his launching the latest fund raising campaign -- it seems like a shame to waste our 200th anniversary.

By the way, for a real hoot go to and check out there thread on the "renovation" of Rose Hill Gymnasium.  Some real passion and humor in the Bronx.

Casey very sporadic with Twitter, not sure he's much of a social media fan.  Bicentennial isn't for 2 years, still plenty of time to hype it up.

Am interested in knowing updates to Benton Hall and the Residence Halls if anyone has them throughout the next 2 years!  Can pictures be posted here?! Forum Index -> General Colgate News
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