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Will Rayman

Haven't seen any of the other games this year but watched the game against Penn State last night. Freshman Will Rayman went for 28 and was (at least for last night) the best player on the floor--scored from inside and outside and had a baby hook and made hustle plays--just fun to watch him score half of the team's points and the announcer's reaction to him keeping Colgate in the game.

It was an ugly the whole way, but Colgate was in it until the end (they were down by 4 with a few minutes left and the margin of defeat was basically Penn State's biggest lead). Will be interesting to see what Rayman can do for Colgate over the next four years--would imagine it's been a while since Colgate had a freshman go for 28.

I concur regarding Rayman.  However, nine games into the season, I expected more than a 2-7 record. We have some talented players, but some of the bigs appear to lack the muscle and strength to compete. There's a couple very thin guys who came in last year as frosh and returned this year looking exactly the same. Do we even have a nutrition and strength coach for the hoops team?

Bumping this one up as Rayman went for another 28 tonight.  Coach talked in the postgame about his growth as a player, that his all-around game has grown exponentially as the season has gone on.  Hopefully makes the PL all-rookie team, and a great building block for the future.

The team overall has improved a lot as the season has gone on... 7-6 now in the PL, and playing much better vs. pre-Xmas.  Solidly in the middle of the PL pack, with a chance to host a first round series... pretty good without a true point guard! Forum Index -> Basketball
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