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Hunt: QB competition Fr Breneman, So. Scarfone, Jr Attwood
2018 Football Recruiting
Greetings From an Old School Mustang
The Landscape Plan at Colgate
2017-18 Teams
Updated FB facilities now complete
Pre Season Emails from the team
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Greetings From an Old School Mustang
Howdy all you Red Raiders! Looks like Aug 26 is rapidly
approaching. An early welcome to the Central
Coast for those of you who will be making the trip out
West. SLOtown is a pretty nice place but it is not the
easiest place to travel to unless you are already in
the Bay Area or LA.

The weather should  be in the low 80s and not humid as a
rule. Because of proximity to the ocean it tends to really
cool down after sunset this time of year unlike the area
of Nor Cal where I reside. If y ...
The Landscape Plan at Colgate
I thought this was very interesting, and shows a level of foresight and involvement that we've rarely seen from past presidents.  This is not a big, sexy project, but a necessary one to maintain campus beauty & I applaud President Casey for taking it on.  Left somewhat in the background in this memo is the need to take out the "bad" trees (end of life, diseased, bad varieties like white pines), but if we're going to plant new mature trees I'd expect that will happen too.. ...
Why doesn't Colgate get  transfers?? Lafayette has two coming in this year, Lehigh and Holy Cross has them!  We are behind the times!  Even the Ivies are taking them.
Any informed guesses on who are qb will be?  Any other lineup news?
Updated FB facilities now complete
Two, quick, separate videos can be viewed on

Obviously better than it was, but still looks like an under-the-bleachers, glorified HS locker room.  Nothing like many others, even in our own league.  It's all about first impressions for those young, indecisive recruits.

It hasn't necessarily translated into more wins, but here is Lafayette's impressive Bourger Varsity Football House via Google: ...
Hunt: QB competition Fr Breneman, So. Scarfone, Jr Attwood
Interesting take on the QB race by Hunt according to 7/30 Freshman Breneman seems to be more than just in the thick of the competition. Hunt says finding the QB is the central mission in Camp. Any insight out there ?

"We've got to find out who our quarterback is and do that quickly..... That will be the emphasis in camp and we've got some great candidates, ,,,,, But we've got to find the starter and get that guy operating our system, because we have to execute our o ...
Another"win", but recruit has not tweeted who he is.  Second day of prospect camp is today.
Preseason predictions for Cal Poly's 2017 Big Sky Conference
Cal Poly opens camp early
Here's  a rundown on the Cal Poly team:
2017-18 Teams
Am I missing something or do neither the men's nor women's teams have any new players this coming year. I can sort of understand the women not really needing anyone with two very good freshmen injured in the first 10 games last year and declared out for the season at that time, but the men? Come on we can use all the help we can get...very strange... Shocked
Colgate University Sports
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